The CW typically gets ignored as a second-rate network, especially when compared to the others. Typically, when looking at the ratings, the shows on the CW are the lowest-rated programs of the night. Well, not today.

Last night, a new episode of the CW’s The Vampire Diaries beat the second episode of NBC’s new comedy, The Paul Reiser Show. The Vampire Diaries was watched by by 2.65 million while The Paul Reiser Show got a measly 2.5 million.

As if NBC isn’t feeling bad enough about these numbers, here’s another fun fact: this was the lowest-rated episode of The Vampire Diaries ever. As a TVD fan, that doesn’t make me happy, but I’ll blame the drop on American Idol since the second half of the Vampire Diaries‘ second season has considerably lower ratings than the first half.

Equally sad, The Paul Reiser Show‘s lead-in, the insanely brilliant Community, also saw its lowest-rated episode ever last night with just 3.3 million viewers. I understand the low ratings for The Paul Reiser Show since it’s terrible, but Community deserves a lot better.

Here are the full ratings from last night:


American Idol: 19.6 million
The Big Bang Theory: 7 million (repeat)
Rules of Engagement: 5.5 million (repeat)
Wipeout: 4.7 million (repeat)
Community: 3.3 million
The Vampire Diaries: 2.65 million
The Paul Reiser Show: 2.5 million


Bones: 11.1 million
CSI: 8.4 million (rerun)
The Office: 6.8 million
Parks and Recreation: 5.1 million
Grey’s Anatomy: 3.9 million (rerun)
Nikita: 1.9 million


The Mentalist: 10.96 million (rerun)
30 Rock: 4.6 million
Private Practice: 2.7 million (rerun)

(Image courtesy of the CW)