Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff) is 23 years old and doing nothing with his life. That is, until he finds himself Raising Hope. The town’s own village idiot is suddenly a father, changing diapers for the first time and even feeding the baby milk through a glove. No one can believe what he’s doing, even himself, but his life changes as his new daughter takes it over.

Raising Hope revolves around the flawed household of the Chance family. They’re already dysfunctional on their own, but another member will soon make her way to the clan.

When Jimmy brings the kid home, everything gets more complicated. However, this new dad is determined to make things better. He may even stop skimming pools for a living and get a real job.

Still living with his family, Jimmy has to fight off the decision of his mother Virginia (Martha Pimpton), who wants to bring the baby to the fire department for better care. His father Burt (Garrett Dillahunt) isn’t too keen on keeping the child in the house either.

Both of them believe that their son doesn’t have what it takes to be a parent, because they aren’t exactly model citizens in that area of expertise. They had Jimmy when they were just 15, trying and failing to guide him throughout his life.

Virginia and Burt aren’t getting much help from the other members of the Chance family, either. Jimmy’s grandmother (Cloris Leachman), or “maw maw”, is practically crazy. Nor is cousin Mike (Skyler Stone) very supportive.

But how exactly did this baby come into Jimmy’s good-for-nothing life? He got lucky with a wanted felon named Lucy (Bijou Phillips), who months later hands him the child on a visit to the local prison. But with the kid’s mom incarcerated, who’ll be around to aid him in taking care of Hope, as Virginia calls her?

Jimmy’s always had his sights set on Sabrina (Shannon Woodward), the sardonic checkout clerk in the nearby supermarket. Unfortunately for him, he still can’t find the nerve to ask her out.

Airing this fall on FOX, Raising Hope was created by Greg Garcia, known for his Emmy Award-winning work on the series My Name Is Earl. Catch the preview below.

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