Danneel Harris as Rachel Gattina

Rachel Virginia Gattina of the teen drama, One Tree Hill, is played by Danneel Harris. Appearing in season 3, Rachel is the hot new girl at Tree Hill High School. She instantly develops a crush on Lucas Scott, thus also developing a rivalry between her and Brooke Davis. She soon got off the chase when she found out that Lucas was only using her to make Brooke jealous.

Rachel revealed that she used to be fat, and had undergone an operation to lose weight. She also had her nose and breasts done. She later becomes close with Mouth, but their blossoming relationship gets cut short after she claimed responsibility for the time capsule incident. However, Mouth’s feelings for her were strong, and he continued to pursue her. Rachel then developed a crush on Nathan’s uncle, Cooper. However, their fling got cut short when Cooper found out that she was only 17 years old. The two got into an accident, but later survived.

Rachel became attracted to Nathan because he reminded her of Cooper. However, she stopped pursuing him because she found out that Nathan’s wife, Haley was pregnant. Rachel then accidentally set up her English teacher, Nick, with Brooke. Nick and Brooke dated until Nick hit on Rachel, an incident she reported to Brooke and the school. Nick and Brooke soon broke up and Brooke and Rachel stole the answers to one of Brooke’s calculus tests. When they got caught, they pretended to be clean teens members and born again virgins.

During a stripping contest, Mouth and Rachel became friends again. Haley confronted Rachel, as Haley thought Rachel stole the calculus tests. Haley warned Rachel that when she proves her theory, she would turn Rachel in. Later, Rachel left Tree Hill to be with her parents, and Brooke and Mouth sent her a message saying that they missed her already.

(Photo courtesy of The CW)

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