What’s up with the Dark Swan? What’s going to happen in Once Upon a Time season 5B? Jennifer Morrison and showrunners/creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis answered questions like those at the New York Comic-Con panel.

Once Upon a Time: Will Emma Kill a Loved One as Dark Swan?>>>

Who Is the Dark Swan?

They wanted to get to “dark Emma” for a while, but it was all about timing. They wanted to see Emma struggle with darkness, be warned about it, fight it and then take the dagger to save everyone. This season is about her struggle. Emma’s internal struggle is very “real” and “intense,” according to Morrison, who worked with he creators on creating her look as the Dark Swan.

“Emma is still the savior,” Morrison shared. “She’s the Savior with darkness in her. Emma is a constant cauldron of conflict.” She’s constantly battling the light and the dark in herself, and at times, each side wins. At times, she’s doing things for the right reasons in a dark way.

Kitsis teased that you will learn more about Dark One mythology and meet the very first Dark One.

Is Merlin Good?

“If you think of the Dark One, we know that Merlin is the Sorcerer,” Kitsis said. “What we’ve seen in the past through the Apprentice is he’s been a really good force.” His warning, as the usher who sits down next to Emma in the theater in the premiere, is prophetic, and it will come back to haunt or warn somebody.

About That Curse and Camelot …

Yes, someone’s heart was crushed. You’ll find out whose it was in Camelot.

Speaking of Camelot, all those questions you might have about Lancelot’s return? They’ll be answered in an upcoming episode, and that includes any about the iconic love triangle between him, Arthur and Guinevere.

Unfortunately, Morgan le Fay will not be showing up. There’s only so much they could put in, and it’s really about the core OUAT characters.

Other Teases

All the romances are on a wild ride, with Kitsis teasing, “Henry’s will break your heart.”

Merida will be back.

A two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time will air November 15, and it will include Merida on an adventure with Mulan and Ruby.

The 100th episode will kick off the spring in March.

When describing season 5B, Kitsis only used one word: “Hell.” (Remember, there were mentions of the underworld in episode 502.)

They’re looking to cast Hook’s father, and you’re going to see Hook as a little boy.

There’s an adventure coming up with Hook and the Evil Queen.

Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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