Let’s face it — NCIS would not be the same without Abigail Sciuto. In many ways, Abby is the very fabric of NCIS. Her varied talents enhance the team’s crime-solving capabilities, while her personality has captured the hearts of fans.

Let’s look at why NCIS would be a failure, and an extremely boring place to be, without Miss Sciuto.

Her Quirky Personality

Abby is a smart, caring forensic specialist with a goth sensibility and plenty of tattoos, including a spiderweb on her neck and a large cross on her back. She has a stuffed hippo, Bert, who makes flatulence noises when pressed. Abby is also addicted to Caf-Pow and even seems to probably take in more caffeine than Gibbs does. One doesn’t expect someone who works in a lab for NCIS to be so unique, and her engaging personality always keeps things interesting.

She’s a Computer Whiz

While McGee has great computer skills, Abby is a talented hacker and computer expert. She has even hacked into the mysterious and dangerous dark web, and her computer know-how has managed to generate leads that solve many cases. Sometimes she even works along with McGee to figure out codes and work her hacking magic.

She’s Special to Gibbs

It is no secret that Abby holds a special place in Gibbs’ heart. His first wife and daughter were murdered, and his relationship with Abby is heart-warming and familial. She is Gibbs’ surrogate daughter, and their bond is a grounding force for Gibbs. I doubt that Gibbs would be able to function as well in his day-to-day life without her.

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She’s Super Intelligent

She is an amazing forensic specialist. Abby does it all — forensics, ballistics and computer hacking. She prefers to work solo in the lab and is a talented multitasker. Abby often provides information that results in a case being successfully solved. This goth scientist loves to summon Gibbs to the lab with a chorus of “Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs” to update him on her findings. Without her scientific mojo, the NCIS team would be looking at a much lower rate of cases being solved.

She’s the Glue

Abby is the heart and soul of NCIS, and the very glue that holds the team together. She isn’t afraid of showing her affection for co-workers, whether it’s giving them a hug or knitting them sweaters. Abby is loyal to the end, and always concerned about her work family. 

Abby now has a sisterly relationship with McGee (although it seems that they had a brief romantic relationship) and a daughterly relationship with Gibbs and Ducky. Her goal is to keep the team members united, even amid squabbles, just like a normal family.  Abby is the constant that never wavers and anchors the group. Without her, NCIS would be depressing place to be, with a caseload that would have a much lower solve rate. And nobody wants that!

Do you agree that Abby is the glue that holds the team together? Is Abby Gibbs’ surrogate daughter? Would NCIS be the same without her? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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