On last week’s episode of Project Runway, the judges sent Ashley, Candice and Kelly to Fashion Week, meaning Edmond was the one eliminated. But Tim Gunn has yet to use his save this season and now would seem like the perfect time…

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And it’s Tim who swoops in, feeling more emotional than even Edmond feels about his elimination. He lets the tension hang in the air for a few more minutes before telling him he’s not going anywhere because he’s using his save. Candice says how kind it is of Tim to use his save, but Tim says it isn’t kind because it’s so well-deserved.

Heidi meets the final four designers on the runway to send them on their way. They’ll have nine weeks and $9,000 to create a ten look collection. Heidi encourages Ashley to create a plus-sized collection and they’ll provide the models for her to do so.

Tim Checks In

First Tim visits Ashley in San Diego. She’s using her Mexican heritage as inspiration. More specifically, she’s designing modernized looks inspired by 1950s Mexico City. Tim loves the dying and hand applique she’s done on a lot of her pieces. He advises her to stick with the jewel tones and stay away from contrasting it with white.

It’s always been Ashley’s dream to create a plus-sized collection. Tim thinks it’s much needed in this industry and Ashley is the perfect person to do it.

Next up, Tim meets Candice and her family in San Francisco. Candice went through a pretty traumatic childhood because her mother was a drug addict, but they’ve come a long way since her recovery and have a great relationship now.

Her collection was inspired by the China at the Met exhibit back in New York. She’s working in mostly black and red, but there are sequins and prints mixed in there too. Tim loves a wooden skirt she crafted to go over a long red gown, but he worries if some of the color and sequins make the collection seem costumey. Specifically, he thinks it looks like something drag queens would wear. That’s harsh. But Candice isn’t backing down. She appreciates Tim’s criticism, but she wants to put on a theatrical show.

Tim heads back east to visit Kelly in Springfield, Massachusetts. Her collection is inspired by the 1970s and she describes it as “Studio 54 Meets New Wave Streetwear.” There are lots of sequins and zipper details as well as her signature triangle textile. And she made fanny packs to accessorize her looks as well! Tim is totally digging her vibe. He says she’s going to put on a great show.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Kelly’s hometown without a trip to the much storied deli. Tim gets to meet her family and her boyfriend, and he even gets a sandwich named after him at the deli. The “Big Gunn Milanese.”

Last but not least is Edmond, in Atlanta, Georgia. His collection is focusing on glamour and luxury, as opposed to ready-to-wear. He’s made a lot of pieces, but he’s having a hard time focusing his collection. Tim encourages him to show the more free-flowing pieces that will move on the runway, and to show what it is he wants to design for future clients.

Back in the Big Apple

All of the designers unpack their garments back in their old Project Runway workroom. Except Edmond. He doesn’t want to have to explain his pieces to his competitors. Everyone’s impressed with Ashley’s floral headpieces. And Ashley can’t believe the amount of textiles Candice has used.

Tim comes in to tell them about their agenda for the next few days. Then he tells them they have to choose two looks from their collections to show the judges for critique and also create an additional look in two days. They’ll have an additional $250 to spend at Mood to use for their new look and/or to buy things that will enhance their collection.

Ashley wants to make a form-fitting piece, but she knows it’s going to be difficult to get the perfect fit in a short amount of time. She finds an eggplant purple at Mood that she thinks goes well with the rest of the tones in her collection.

For her new look, Kelly’s making a printed dress with metallic piping on the sides. Tim is worried about the length and the proportion, but he approves of what she’s deciding to show the judges.

Edmond has a lot to finish, even before they’re told they have to create a new look. He’s creating a white wrap dress for his newest look. Tim is worried that it’s too ambitious to finish in such a short amount of time. He’s also worried that his collection isn’t cohesive enough.

Candice has print and color in her collection, but she doesn’t know if she wants to show the judges that right now. Tim encourages her to do that to get their feedback. She’s creating a black gown for her new look using the fabric Tim hated so much before, but she spray painted it to give it new life. Tim says her collection couldn’t be more “her.”

Designers Dressed Down

Tim stays with the judges this week on the panel to take notes of the judges’ feedback. Here’s what our normal judges, Heidi, Nina and Zac, have to say about the designers’ previews.

Edmond: Zac is worried about his inspiration point. The only thing he sees in common about the three looks are ruffles. He says he needs to bring more of his modern attitude into his looks. Heidi agrees with Zac; she doesn’t think it looks cohesive. But she thinks the white dress with the ruffles is a showstopper, but the ruffles altogether are overwhelming. Nina’s surprised that his looks are pretty, but not sexy. She thinks it’s too conservative and not edgy enough.

Kelly: Zac appreciates how she tapped into who she is, but refining it for the runway. They’re kooky looks, but she can elevate it even more. Heidi isn’t is as impressed as Zac. She says the fabric looks cheap and the looks aren’t showy enough for Fashion Week. Nina doesn’t think that any of the pieces look luxurious, but she likes the styling.

Ashley: All of the judges think that she’s made a beautiful and cohesive collection. But Zac says she’s representing a lot of women, and that means she has a lot of responsibility to make everything fit perfectly. And right now there are some issues with the fit. Nina says that she misses the prints that Ashley is so good at working with. She’s also not a big fan of the floral crowns. Heidi likes the floral crowns, but Nina says she wants to be remembered for her clothes, not her accessories.

Candice: The judges are way harsh on Candice. Zac calls her clothes “costume town” and “witchy bitchy.” Heidi thinks the collection is all over the place, but there are individual pieces that are beautiful. Nina thinks her pieces are too referential and don’t look original. She also thinks that she used every cliche in the book to try and make her styling more edgy.

All of the designers, except maybe Ashley, are pretty discouraged by their harsh feedback. But they have two more days before their shows at Fashion Week to get it together. The judges offer them encouragement (after being the ones to tear them down). They have faith in these four, that’s why they’re here.

Next week is the Season 14 finale! Who will walk away the winner?

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