It’s kind of difficult to pick a Chic for this week’s Project Runway because, quite frankly, everything was kind of Freak. But that was the goal of the challenge, so I will have to power through and make some kind of call.

First, though, let’s all take off our policeman’s caps for a moment for our dear departed Ricky Lizalde. My fears have not come to fruition: he will not be this Project Runway season’s Wendy Pepper. And, in his defense, while his tears seemed to annoy many, and he did get a little testy at times, he was no manipulator or game player like Wendy, so the comparison wasn’t entirely apt. Actually, after a season of giving him a hard time, I will say that I think with a few more years of experience, he will have good potential. Sometimes designers seem utterly clueless, and other times they just seem green, and I think that ultimately, Ricky was the latter.

So who was as Chic as could be managed this week?


Definitely Chris March. A well-deserved win. His look was totally charming and you can see even in this photo how much his model loved it. He made her look like she just stepped off a Russ Meyer’s film set. She looked both cute and tough, sexy and ready to throw down. Great job, Chris!

I also really loved the shape and styling for Jillian Lewis’s, but agree with my colleague Gina Scarpa’s assessment that it looked kind of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The blue looked amazing on her model, but I think if she had used another sporty color like emerald green or red, I think she would have avoided those comparisons and it would have seemed even better.

Christian Siriano’s was really well-put together, and I agreed with the judges that his Diva looked like Prince or Apollonia. But I don’t know. He’s just kind of boring me in recent episodes. I feel like you always know what he’s going to do, or at least when it shows up, there’s no element of surprise to what appears on the runway. Of course: black or brown, puffed sleeves, close tailoring. He does it very well, but I just haven’t been excited by his solo work on Project Runway since the Reese’s Cup wrapper dress.


I am actually not going to put Ricky’s in as the worst, because while I agree that it looked like a bathing suit, I still thought it was actually cute in and of itself. But Sweet P’s and Rami Kashou’s? Yuck. To their credit, neither of them seemed to love the outfits either. So maybe it’s best to just put this challenge behind us and focus on Fashion Week!

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– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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