After the judges finally started to seriously eliminate people, the contestant pool on the current Project Runway All Stars is just now beginning to feel like a group of “all stars.” With a few exceptions. Let’s see who makes it to the Elite 8.

It’s a Twist

The designers are confused because they’re going to Mood before the challenge assignment. Alyssa meets them there to tell them that this week they’ll be designing high-end evening resort wear. She passes out envelopes for each of the designers that assigns them the kind of fabric they’ll have to use for this challenge.

Ken gets silk charmeuse, Valerie gets linen, Layana gets lightweight cotton, Dom gets jersey knits, Kini gets brocade, Emily gets denim, Sam gets lace, Alexander gets upholstery and Asha gets neoprene.

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Then a Switch

The designers obviously are already starting to work out what they want to make when they choose their fabrics. That’s why it’s so devastating for everyone when they get back to the work room and Alyssa’s there with another twist.

She tells them that they’ll have to craft their looks using the fabric that another designer purchased. So they’ll switch bags until everyone ends up with something completely new.

Ken picks first and he takes Asha’s neoprene, though he’s immediately regretting his decision when he discovers how difficult it is to work with. Not only that, but he thinks the color is ugly too. He can’t make a cute or flowy resort dress now, so he’s going to make a gown that’s a “wow” piece.

Sam and Kini swap bags which is funny because the two can’t stand each other. Well, Kini can’t stand Sam and makes personal comments about Sam’s design ability and Sam is just mad that his fabric is ugly. Not only does Kini hate Sam so much it makes everyone else uncomfortable, he also hates the lace Sam picked out.

Sam’s having trouble with Kini’s fabric too. He’s making a light blue jumpsuit that is skewing a little Disney princess cruise. He doesn’t think he can move forward with that design or that fabric. So he goes with a different blue brocade that he drapes into a gown that he’s much more comfortable with.

Instead of working with her original material, Valerie is using the jersey knit fabric Layana picked out. She’s glad she at least got an easy fabric to work with. She’s making another high-waisted jumpsuit with pleats. Zanna says she’s worried that the silhouette is too boring and she needs to do more to make her design stand out.

Layana inherited silk charmeuse from Ken and guess what she’s making? Yep. A jumpsuit. Unfortunately, the silk looks a little old-fashioned and heavy. Zanna tells her to be sure to insert some of her youthful aesthetic into it to make it look better.

Dom’s using Valerie’s linen to do her Dom thing and create her own textile. She’s using the yellow and the turquoise to make stripes on a structured skirt.

Poor Emily is really frustrated by Alexander’s upholstery choices. It’s not speaking to her at all and she’s having trouble thinking around the heavy red fabric and the sheer polka dots. After draping a dress, Zanna tells her it’s too heavy and it doesn’t look like her. So she re-thinks it and finally constructs shorts and a pleated skirt of the sheer polka dots to go over them. She’s proud of herself for making something she’s proud of after going through so many emotions to get to that point.

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Resort Wear Runway

On the judging panel this week are our usuals Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac. And the guest judge is Broadway and television actress Megan Hilty. And overall, they are very impressed with how the designers faced the challenge.


Sam: Alyssa thinks that his dress looks home made, but Megan really loves the dress and thinks it looks highly wearable. Georgina appreciates the freedom and attitude in the fabric.

Ken: Georgina knew right away that this was his design as soon as she saw it. She thinks the drape is a little heavy on the top but Isaac disagrees. Alyssa likes that he took a sporty fabric and made an elegant evening dress and Megan would love to wear it.

Dom: Of course the judges are impressed by the textile she created. Georgina also thinks the top is genius and effortless at the same time. Megan says she took her breath away when she hit the runway.


Valerie: Georgina says it’s a sweet jumpsuit but Alyssa doesn’t love it. She says it’s way too simple, the hem is wonky and the only thing interesting about it is the neckline.

Emily: Georgina is bummed out by the crop top with the shorts and the skirt; there’s just too much going on. Alyssa wishes the short was high-waisted. But Georgina admires Emily’s attitude about fighting with the fabric and coming out with something she is proud of.

Layana: Megan loved the back and how the fabric moved but the top fits a little strangely. They all agree that the length of the pants is a little weird too.


It’s between Dom and Ken in the top two. Alyssa also announces that Megan wants to wear the winner’s look at her next red carpet event. And it’s Dom who comes away with her first win of the season. She says it’s great to love what you send down the runway and it’s even better to get that validation from the judges.

The two jumpsuits are in the bottom this week: Layana and Valerie. It’s Valerie the judges decide to send home. I think she’s better than some of the designers left in the competition, but her look this week was just too generic.

Next week: Kini keeps on coming for Sam. What’s his problem this season?!

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