It’s been hard to see Yolanda struggle this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not only with her Lyme disease and the other ladies’ gossip, but also watching and knowing that her marriage is doomed for failure. Hopefully, her Global Lyme Alliance award will empower her, and the rest of the ladies going to Dubai will give her a well-deserved break from their pettiness. Let’s see how it plays out in this episode, “Lymes in the Sand.”

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Yolanda’s Big Moment

Yolanda is getting ready for her speech for the Global Lyme Alliance gala. She hasn’t even put on makeup in the last 11 months and now she’s speaking to a room full of people. When she arrives at the event, she’s overwhelmed by all of the people who are there who have been with her on her journey, people like Joe Jonas (who was dating Gigi at the time).

The other ladies are so impressed by the scale of the event. Gigi gives a touching speech about her mother’s struggle and how people on social media tried to shame her when they couldn’t see visible signs of her disease.

That line of thought strikes a chord with Kyle, who of course feels guilty. She makes Yolanda’s special moment all about herself, but at least she has enough dignity to feel guilt about how crappy she’s been all season. She hugs Yolanda and apologizes for engaging in that conversation. Yolanda is happy that she finally sees what she’s been going through, and that’s all she’s ever wanted from the other ladies.

The ladies get ready for their trip to Dubai, so we’re treated to some real thrilling Real Housewives packing scenes. But Lisa has to do the most to prepare for the trip; she has to fly to London to renew her passport. Then when she gets back, she has a visit with her son, Max. She bought him a car to tell him she loves him because her parents never told her they loved her. There’s some real insight into Lisa’s character here.

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A Trip of a Lifetime

The trip to Dubai is a real ordeal. It’s four hours from Beverly Hills to Atlanta and then another 15 hours to Dubai. And the ladies have to cover up and hold the swearing once they get there. Neither of these things come naturally to any of them.

Once they get there, it’s clear that the insane travel time was totally worth it. Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle are in the royal suite at the Dubai Palm Hotel, which is $40,000 a night. A NIGHT! Lisa Rinna and Eileen are in the underwater suite where they’re sharing their space with views of sharks and exotic fish. And Kathryn and Erika are in the Atlantis suite.

This has got to be hands-down the most luxurious and exotic spot any of the Real Housewives have traveled to. The opulence and glamour are mind-boggling that words can hardly do it justice. Even these rich people are floored by how grand their rooms are.

Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, Yolanda is packing up her Malibu home (including the famous fridge) for her move. The house sold for a whopping $19.5 million and was just too much space for her to manage in her condition. She’s sad to be packing up so many family memories. We also get a cameo from her pouty husband, David. The more I see of him, the more I’m happy Yolanda is free of his creepy ass. He doesn’t deserve her.

Brandi stops by to help her pack and I want to say as little about it as possible because her thirst level for attention is just off the charts. But she thinks it’s ridiculous that the women are questioning Yolanda’s disease. She says they prey on the weak just like they did to Kim Richards last year.

Back in Dubai, the women have dinner set up for them in Lisa and Kyle’s suite. Kyle gives all the ladies caftans for the trip, which is nice of her. Kathryn even puts hers on right away.

Of course, things have to go back to all of the ugly gossip as soon as they sit down for dinner. Erika says Yolanda’s event was beautiful and she wished Lisa Rinna was there so she could have had some of her questions answered. Lisa Rinna maintains that she never doubted if Yolanda was sick, but she insists that she uses her sickness as a way of getting out of things she doesn’t want to do. Erika insists that Yolanda is doing all she can and she would much rather be out living her life than being sick, and to insinuate anything else is unfair.

Erika doesn’t know why they can’t be in such a beautiful place and just have fun. No, they have to talk smack about Yolanda and about Lisa Vanderpump’s web and about Kathryn’s big mouth. Lisa Rinna says she’s entitled to have her own opinion, but Erika says it must be so exhausting to have so many opinions.

Next time, we’ll see more adventures in Dubai.

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