The number of contestants on Season Five of Project Runway All Stars are finally starting to dwindle. Now it’s time for a real curve ball of a challenge to really separate the starters from the bench warmers. Let’s get to it, before any more baseball puns come to mind.

Play Ball

The designers meet Alyssa at the Coney Island Cyclones ballpark with the models. This week, the designers are going to be making a high-end athleisure look that can go from the runway, to the game, to dinner. The look must fit into Alyssa Milano’s Touch clothing line and the winning design will be manufactured and sold for Touch.

Asha’s making a skirt that’s a play on a traditional men’s baseball jersey with a sports bra crop-top.

Both Sam and Kini end up getting the same white mesh. Kini is insistent that he’s going to show Sam how it’s really done. He’s making jeans (of course) and a jacket. Zanna worries that it skews toward sportswear, not athleisure.

Sam’s making a stiff circle skirt that’s “cheerleader-esque.” He’s laying his white mesh over blue neoprene with black lace detail on the sleeves and on the back. I’m not sure what he’s thinking on this one. The black lace clashes completely with the white mesh and it looks like two separate looks in one.

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Layana thinks that this is finally a challenge she can excel in. She’s making her own textile for a pair of sporty blue pants. She’s not sure what she’s doing for the top yet though because the pants are taking so long to piece together. When Zanna sees it, she says it looks more like something you wear to the gym, not to a game. Layana’s spent too much time on her look to go back on it now though.

Emily’s re-working a basic white t-shirt for her design. She’s making a long white tunic with an exaggerated cowl. But she scraps the cowl when Zanna tells her that it looks a little too “ladies who lunch.” It does look much crisper and sportier with just a plain collar.

While a lot of the other designers are working with blue, Dom is working in black and white stripes and a red polka dot. She’s also adding an additional snapped panel on the bottom so her girl can change the length of the dress based on where she is. It’s simple in the front, with an exciting striped and polka dot back. Zanna says it’s beautiful and looks different than anything she’s ever seen.

Ken’s making a black and white lace hoodie with a pop of red. He gets a positive critique but he’s still getting frustrated working with the fabric. Then he sews the shoulders incorrectly so he gets even more flustered. He can feel himself getting worked up so he decides it’s time to leave for the evening.

He catches a cab out of there and all of the designers are left wondering if he quit the competition. Layana is really hoping he’s coming back because he told her he’d let her use some of his extra white leather for his top.

It’s the day of the runway and there’s still no sign of him. Until he comes busting in with two hours until the runway show. He knew he needed to take some time to himself so he wouldn’t take any of his bottled up anger out on his fellow designers. But now he needs to bust his tail to finish in time.

Runway Referees

On the panel this week is Alyssa, Isaac, Georgina and reality star turned fashion designer Kristin Cavallari.


Dom: Alyssa says it’s brilliant and really thoughtful. Kristen likes it better shorter but Isaac likes it longer. Georgina loves the back and admires the way she puts the prints together. She says it’s a fashionable piece that anyone would want to be photographed in.

Kini: Everyone loves the jacket and Georgina thinks the pop of red is perfect. Isaac says he’s a great, versatile designer and he’s doing a great job.

Asha: Georgina says the look is young and fresh, but she and Isaac don’t love the buttons. Alyssa thinks the skirt is a star but the top is overworked.


Ken: Alyssa loves that it’s sleeveless but she isn’t crazy about the pockets. Georgina is such a fan of Ken, but she really doesn’t care for this look. She doesn’t like the proportions or the length. Kristen actually liked his look and could see a million girls wearing this look.

Layana: Kristen loves the leggings but the top doesn’t match so well with the pants. Isaac says the styling doesn’t sit well with him and the top is a strange proportion.

Sam: Kristen says it’s a gorgeous dress for a cocktail dress but not for a sporting event. Isaac says he absolutely loves the dress and Georgina says she’d definitely wear it to a game. She doesn’t love the blue neoprene underneath though.

Who’s Safe at Home

Kini and Dom are in the top two this week. The winning designer is Kini who will be working with Alyssa to have his look manufactured for her line. It’s his first challenge win of the season.

It’s Ken and Layana on the bottom two. And it’s three strikes (well four times in the bottom in her case) and Layana’s out. She had plenty of tries this season, and she’s still just as likable, but it’s her time to go.

Project Runway All Stars airs on Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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