The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills still have some issues to work out. It’s all she-said-she-said, of course, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is leaving Dubai without getting an earful of it. Let’s see if they can get anything resolved themselves in this episode, “Goodbye, Dubai,” or if the upcoming reunion is just going to be one enormous therapy session led by Dr. Andy Cohen.

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Shopping Abroad

Two white Rolls-Royces pick the ladies up from the Palm Dubai. Lisa Vanderpump tells Kyle and Kathryn that she’s still shaken from last night, but Kyle tells her it could have been worse; at least she didn’t get slapped like she did in Amsterdam.

The ladies are treated to some retail therapy at the Dubai Mall, where Kyle says she wishes she was an octopus with eight credit cards. Erika treats herself to a very Erika-like pink Chanel clutch.

Lisa Vanderpump is feeling ice coming from both Eileen and Lisa Rinna. Kyle advised her the night before to tell Eileen that she’s sorry for hurting her feelings and then the whole thing will be buried.

The next stop is the Burj Khalifa. Kyle and Eileen manage to conquer their fears to go all the way to the 152nd floor.

At the top, Lisa Vanderpump pulls Eileen aside. She says she never intended to hurt her and she’s very sorry for that. Finally, those few simple magic words. Eileen tells her she appreciates that she said that very much and she gives her a hug.

True Friends

Back at home in Beverly Hills, Yolanda has a picnic with Kim and Brandi. Brandi wears an insensitive shirt that says, “It’s not fun to be sober,” and she even tops her vile Brandi-ness by giving Kim a shirt that says, “Medicated.” Real clever, Brandi. Your sense of humor is so charming.

Anyway, Yolanda considers this dumb-dumb a friend. She also says that she’s there for Kim as a friend and she’s not about to discard someone for slipping in their sobriety. She says it’s been hard for her too with her illness. She says people don’t like sick people and they give up on them too easily. Could she be talking about her soon-to-be ex-husband? It’s possible.

In Dubai, Kathryn is benefiting from Erika’s glam squad as they help her get ready for her birthday dinner. She’s even becoming more comfortable with embodying the c-word attitude that Erika lives by. They’re glad that they roomed together on this trip and could get past their differences.

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Birthday in Dubai

Kathryn’s birthday dinner, and the ladies’ last night in Dubai, is taking place on a gorgeous yacht with a great view of the skyline at night.

Lisa Rinna and Eileen pow-wow before dinner. Lisa Rinna has come to the conclusion that all of these problems with Lisa Vanderpump stem from Vanderpump’s feud with Yolanda. She says the only way that Lisa Vanderpump could make things right is by owning up to everything she’s said to cause conflict.

On the other side of the boat, Lisa Vanderpump says to Kyle and Kathryn that she didn’t really mean her apology to Eileen; she just told her what she wanted to hear. So that’s disappointing. At least Eileen didn’t hear, yet.

Before dinner, Kathryn gets a call from her mom to wish her a happy birthday. Lisa Rinna and Eileen can sympathize with Kathryn because all three of their moms are suffering from memory loss. Eileen and Lisa Rinna get emotional and excuse themselves, and Lisa Vanderpump wonders why they’re so emotional. Feelings are hard for Lisa Vanderpump.

At the dinner table, things are still awkward and Kyle tries to get things rolling by pointing out how awkward it is. But surprise, surprise, that only makes things more awkward. Lisa Rinna says Lisa Vanderpump is manipulative and her feud with Yolanda is complicating her relationship with everyone. Lisa Vanderpump still maintains that she never said an ill word about Yolanda and doesn’t understand what everyone is talking about.

And stuck in the middle is Kyle, who confirms Lisa Rinna’s version of things, and yet Lisa Vanderpump still isn’t owning what she said. It puts Kyle in a bad spot and all of the ladies wonder why she’d still defend Lisa Vanderpump when she tried to throw her own friend under the bus. Erika says that Kyle doesn’t want to pay the price for going against Lisa Vanderpump because their friendship is leveraged.

Kyle tries to get Lisa Vanderpump to back down from her story, but Lisa said she’s done nothing wrong. She never wanted to bring Kyle into the Munchausen’s conversation, and she didn’t deliberately set up Lisa Rinna either. Kyle is infuriated. She says that Lisa’s never been good at apologies or taking responsibility for her actions, which is frustrating when everyone else knows she’s wrong.

The ladies end their trip with some birthday cake for Kathryn and then a toast the next morning. Everyone agrees it was a great trip but a little too much drama than they would have liked.

The next episode is the season finale (finally). Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda finally come face-to-face to address their problems head-on.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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