When I asked Angela Lindvall about her favorite things about hosting Project Runway All Stars last week, she immediately started gushing about her favorite guest judge of the season: None other than the iconic Miss Piggy. And Angela also hinted that, though she’s made of felt, the queen of the Muppets would not be soft on the designers:

“We were trying to decide who should be eliminated, so there were our two least favorite looks, and I was like, “Miss Piggy if you had to wear one of these, which one would you wear?” so I’d know which one to eliminate. She was like, “You mean if you put a gun to my head?'”

Ouch! And also: YES! If there’s something more delightful than a Muppet belittling a bunch of humans, I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to know. And that’s why I can’t wait to see what the all-stars design for Miss Piggy, and to hear every single insult she slings at the looks she hates. Check out this preview for Thursday’s all-new episode of Project Runway All Stars, airing at 9pm on Lifetime:

Seated next to Miss Piggy in the judges’ chairs is Eric Daman, best known as the costume designer on Gossip Girl, who will also guest judge this week.

And if you’re interested in more Miss Piggy news: Today, the Prettiest Pig in All the Land continued her international couture tour in Berlin, where she and Kermit the Frog held a press conference at Berlin Fashion Week in support of The Muppet Movie (called Die Muppets in German, which, even though I know it just means “the,” is still rather jarring to read).

Which all-stars do you think are best equipped to outfit America’s favorite talking swine?

(Image courtesy of Lifetime)

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