Fans were shocked late last week when TV Guide broke the story that Prison Break would be resurrecting Dr. Sara Tancredi, who they supposedly killed off early in season 3.  The resurrection is more metaphorical than physical, since the writers are now saying that it was never her head in the box that Lincoln found, courtesy of The Company.  After a contract dispute between Sarah Wayne Callies and the show, her character was abruptly removed from the show.  Now, it seems that all is well in the land of contracts and money, and Callies is set to return for season 4.  Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead spoke to E! Online about what this means for Michael and Sara.

“Initially, the way these things work, there has to be an offer first, so once our pitch about how the Sarah character would be a part of the season was approved and met enthusiastically, the offer went out,” Olmstead explained to E! Online. “Once the offer was on the table, that’s when Sarah Wayne and I spoke, and I told her what I had in mind creatively, because what we have in mind is something she can definitely sink her teeth into creatively.”

None of Sarah Wayne Callies’ Prison Break costars have spoken publicly about her return. “Wentworth [Miller] is abroad promoting the show and I sent him an email, I have yet to hear back from him, I’m sure he’s going to very excited about it,” Olmstead assured.

In the interview, Olmstead addressed the end of season 3, where Michael was hell bent on revenge for his girlfriend’s death. It seemed that in season 4, he would stop at nothing to make sure Susan paid with her life for costing him Sara. Olmstead admitted that the show may have been a little hasty in writing that storyline, but said with good reason. “You know, the strike through a wrench into things in that there was no back nine for us, telling about all those stories, so we were asked to go right to a season four, instead of just picking up moments later, we took that opportunity to be ambitious about it, so we’re jumping ahead picking up down the road,” he said.

For fans of Michael and Sara, Prison Break’s executive producer promised that the two would get together in season 4.  “There’s no physical barriers anymore between them,” he said, “but they’re both pretty banged up when they see each other, and it’s about how they get past that to really find that real intimacy.”

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