When Lincoln found Sara’s head in a box early on in Prison Break’s third season, fans were shocked and outraged.  Many claimed that they wouldn’t watch the show anymore.  Every major television news source promised that Sara was good and dead, never to return.  However, this week TV Guide reported that the Prison Break writers and producers were sneaky little ones and would bring back Sara (and the actress who plays her, Sarah Wayne Callies) for season 4.  BuddyTV readers reacted strongly to the news but the majority was overjoyed and felt this plot twist would give the show new life.

We asked the readers how they felt about Sara Tancredi’s return.  74% said “I feel overjoyed and happy”, 16% said “I feel lied to an manipulated” and 10% said that they didn’t care either way.  BuddyTV reader herblady wasn’t surprised at all by the news saying, “Not a shocker to me. I predicted that in one of my PB posts. It’s always nice to be right.”  On the other hand, the news caught dougg89 off guard and he posted, “This totally shocked me, it’s nice because it quiets the complaining fans and I would have been happy either way.”

Speaking of happy fans, richieice said, “Best news ever. The only serious misstep PB has ever made is corrected.”  Many fans felt that the writer’s strike severely hurt the show and are hoping that next season’s 22 episode plan will help redeem it.  Still, not everyone is happy about this Prison Break resurrection.    “This idea is totally stupid in my opinion! It’s downhill from here for this show….too bad,” said jade92264.

Some fans are on the fence about the whole thing.  “I am not sure how to feel about this. I like this show as it is entertaining but at some points last season I thought it was a little slow but picked up at the end,” said Graz35. “Sara was one of my favorite characters on the show but as much as I would like her to come back I don’t think she should.”  How will Prison Break bring her back and will the plot be filled with holes that they can’t cover?  Only time will tell but, for now, it seems the fans are happy that their voice has been heard and their dear Sara Tancredi will be returning!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV