Fox unleashed the first quarter of the Prison Break season 3 premiere and all I can say is “wow.”  The approximately 17-minute preview of the Prison Break season 3 premiere was released on the official FOX website.  The intro moves at a breathless pace, and the setup is rock solid.  Catching a glimpse was both satiating, and torturous at the same time.  Immediately, a lot of the concerns of how Prison Break will drift from the season 2 storyline to season 3 become non-issues.  For a quick review of the highlights, read on below. 

The episode opens with a scantily clad brunette getting undressed and touching up her makeup, in particular, covering up a nasty set of finger nail scratches run down her cheek. As she works, the sounds of a roiling prison yard raise in the background, and before we know it we cut into the Sona yard.  Michael is amongst a mass of riled inmates as they clear a space in the middle of the yard.  He spies Mahone across from him, they just look at each other.  Before long, two random men enter the circle and fight to the death.

Lincoln visits the consulate and tries to get Michael released.  The good news, for him, is that his charges have been dropped in the U.S.  Also, Lincoln’s report on the crime scene is starting to gain traction.  It looks like the consulate is going to be able to get Michael transferred from Sona,  Like that is going to happen.  Michael will have his day in court, but not for 45 days.

Daytime in the yard, Michael watches Bellick stumble out in his underwear.   Bellick is pretty thirsty and has a run in with some thugs who humiliate him.  Another inmate shuttles Bellick off and tells him to get used to it, he hasn’t even eaten for days.

Mahone has a bit of a life review, sitting inside Sona and remembering the events that led him into the hellhole.  He fishes for his pills but finds he is fresh out.  He stumbles around for a second, spots Michael, and approaches him.  He wants to form an alliance.  Michael tells him he is on his own.

The concept of Sona being a no man’s land is sort of blown out of the water when Lincoln arrives to visit Michael.   Since the prison supposedly has no guards and is controlled by the inmates, it is a bit bewildering how Michael is brought out into an empty yard to visit with Linc.  Maybe we’ll learn more about this later.

Back inside, Michael, Mahone, and a few other inmates are brought to meet the prison kingpin.  He explains to them that problems there are solved in the yard, as was seen in the beginning.  He also tells Michael he is aware of his history.  Michael says he won’t make any waves.  Mr. Kingpin tells him he doesn’t have the capacity.  When Michael leaves, though, it is obvious that the Kingpin is quite concerned by Michael’s street cred.

The overall feel of Sona was less gritty and dangerous than I thought it would be.  Partly because of how Michael was fetched out to visit Lincoln, and partly because there seems to be some politics within the yard that have resulted in a sort of order.  Michael is not yet thinking escape – in fact, he balks at the idea – so it appears for now his issue is going to be confronting this power struggle.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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