Before we get to the real “content” of this story, let’s just be clear that the sources are tenuous at best for this piece of “news.”  The story comes from, perhaps the most non-essential website in the history of mankind.  Here it is: Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller (who has dodged gay rumors since being in the public eye) is in a relationship with some dude named Luke McFarlane, who used to date T.R. Knight from Grey’s Anatomy.

This is such a gossipy story, one that won’t die for reason or another.  Maybe Wentworth Miller is gay, maybe he isn’t.  Maybe it’s possible for him to be straight and have a gay friend.  Who knows?  Miller has said time and time again that he is not gay.  A legion of female Prison Break fans don’t want Miller to be gay, so there is a motive for him to keep such personal news a secret, at least while he remains on the show.  Hilton’s info comes from an “impeccable source”, although that source is unnamed.  Again, it might be true and it might not. 

It’s a sad state of affairs when the media is so prying and intrusive that it literally forces celebrities out of the closet.  It happened with Grey’s Anatomy’s T.R. Knight and it happened with How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris.  Granted, I’m not the target audience for this sort of gossip; I don’t subscribe to Us Weekly.

These celebrities give enough interviews and media access before the paparazzi sets in.  If someone wants to keep an aspect of their lives private, then that should be an option to them, should it not?  This, however, is presupposing that the paparazzi and rumor mongerers are always right.  If PerezHilton is blatantly lying about Wentworth Miller’s relationship with this dude, what does that mean?  It’s even worse than intrusion, and there isn’t a worse thing than being lied about and not being able to refute it convincingly. 

So, again, take this news with a grain of salt.  It might be true, it might not, but you shouldn’t particularly care either way.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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