UPDATE: Help me find the hair accessory (pictured below) during tonight’s premiere so I can complete my next mission.

I will do just about anything to keep “A” from telling my (fake) secret–it’s a juicy one too!

A few weeks ago ABC Family invited me, and several other bloggers, to participate in a little game to help ease the anticipation for the upcoming premiere of its new show, Pretty Little Liars

The show, based on the book series by Sara Shepard, premiers June 8 on ABC Family and guarantees drama and suspense, so of course I jumped at the opportunity. I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Learn more about Pretty Little Liars here.

The game began when I received a box of dirt in the mail. Yes, dirt. But it did come with a note: 

Some secrets you have to dig for. A

So dig I did. And what did I find? A phone. A Droid to be exact. Sweet! Free phone! But I’ve got to say: Touch screens and I aren’t the best of friends (more about that later). 

When I turned the phone on, I found out I’m Aria and I have a secret. Unfortunately, “A” has found out my secret, so I’m under her control. 

I also discovered a full list of contacts and photos in the phone that would prove essential in keeping my secret, but at the moment, it was all rather confusing. 

All day I waited for a text, a call, an email, anything to find out what to do next, but nothing came. When I got home, I noticed there was a small voicemail icon on the screen. Hadn’t seen it before and I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear my phone ring. After fumbling around and hitting all sorts of buttons (do touch screens even have buttons? I feel so inept!), I successfully dialed my voicemail. 

One problem: As the automated voice began giving me my options to listen to the message my face erased the damn thing! Total fail. I lost  the game before it even started. Or so I thought.

The next morning I was sent a text message from “A,” Alison, it turns out, the girl who mysteriously goes missing on the show. Apparently whatever was in that voicemail wasn’t important or was a wrong number. (A fellow participant posted on our secret Facebook group that she was getting messages from a “breathless men’s club.” I guess I’m not the only one having phone difficulties).

So far I have successfully completed my missions, but not without a few mishaps. I learned quickly not to ignore “A.” Without giving away too much (wouldn’t want you all to figure out my secret and start blackmailing me like “A”) I learned never to ignore her. Like when I ignored her group invite on Facebook or later when I waited a few hours too long to pay attention to her messages. I received a warning that the clock was ticking…fast! 

She never lets Aria relax! Even on the weekend it was a close call to keep my secret, coming close to the deadline. I ended up sending 3 text messages back when I only intended to send one. 

First message sent: “So sorry” and, oops, hit send too early. In a panic, I accidentally hit the number “8” and then sent that. “A” is probably thinking I’m a total nut job.

On Tuesday, I found out Spencer missed her deadline, proving for the first time, “A” is not messing around. 

Secret Exposed:

Time to tell you all Spencer’s little secret. She cheated on student council elections by giving herself extra votes. Spence, now you’re a disgraced politician since everyone knows you stuffed the student council ballot boxI wonder how long it will take you to repair your rep.


Yikes! So, I have a question. If I successfully complete another mission, will you help me out if I ask? If I need help keeping my secret? Check back from time to time or follow me on Twitter. 


When the mystery box arrived a few week’s ago the phone wasn’t the only thing I had to dig for. 

Just moments ago I got a message from “A” saying:

Ok Aria, remember that box I sent you? Well, besides the phone you should have found a little something extra inside. An object. Before it was in your hands it was here in Rosewood. Your mission is to watch the premiere tonight and tell me what scene you think it could have been from.

Well, apparently I didn’t dig far enough because I completely missed it the first time around. Thankfully I kept the box. Below is the bright pink hair accessory I have to find during tonight’s episode. Want to help? Leave a comment describing what scene you see it in and I will be forever grateful! 

PrettyLittleLiars hair accessory.jpg

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