The new 13-week CBS drama Harper’s Island is unlike anything else on TV. A serial killer is on the loose on a remote island off the coast of Seattle when a big wedding party arrives. Every week, anyone from the main cast of 25 stars is fair game and can be killed off, slowly building to the end when one of them is revealed to be the killer.

Harper’s Island is like a TV version of a murder mystery, and now you can play along at home with BuddyTV’s Harper’s Island Fantasy TV league. Every week make your picks for which actors will be killed off to see if you’re smart enough to figure out who the killer is. Below you’ll find a helpful introductory guide of the 25 stars and who they play to help you pick your victims.

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Katie Cassidy as Trish Wellington – The bride excited to get married.

Richard Burgi as Thomas Wellington – He is the rich, conservative and strict father of the bride.

Claudette Mink as Katherine Wellington – Trish’s stepmom, she’s the sexy younger trophy wife of Thomas.

Gina Holden as Shea Allen – Trish’s big sister, she’s the maid of honor in the wedding ceremony.

David Lewis as Richard Allen – Shea’s meek husband, he married into money and lets his in-laws walk all over him.

Cassandra Sawtell as Madison Allen – Shea and Richard’s daughter, she is, like all children in horror films, kind of creepy.

Sarah Smyth as Lucy Daramour – A bridesmaid, Lucy is a socialite and one of Trish’s oldest friends.

Amber Borycki as Beth Barrington – Another bridesmaid, she’s single and athletic.

Cameron Richardson as Chloe Carter – Another bridesmaid, she is the sexy, flirty girl with a disturbing interest in old serial killers.

Adam Campbell as Cal Vandeusen – Chloe’s charming British boyfriend, he’s a total stranger who doesn’t know anyone else at the wedding.

Victor Webster as Hunter Jennings – Trish’s ex-boyfriend, he crashes the wedding party hoping to reunite with the bride-to-be.


Christopher Gorham as Henry Dunn – The groom, he is from a poor, working class family, marrying into a very wealthy one.

Harry Hamlin as Uncle Marty Dunn – Henry’s wild uncle, he’s like a surrogate father for his nephew.

Dean Chekvala as J.D. Dunn – Henry’s dark, brooding younger brother.

Matt Barr as Christopher ‘Sully’ Sullivan – A friendly, fun-loving frat boy, Sully is Henry’s best man and best friend.

Chris Gauthier as Malcolm Ross – A groomsmen, he likes to party and desperately tries to get people to support his off-beat business ideas.

Brandon Jay McClaren as Danny Brooks – Another groomsman, Danny is the sensitive one of Henry’s friends.

Sean Rogerson as Joel Booth – Another groomsman, he’s the nerdiest of Henry’s group of friends.

Elaine Cassidy as Abby Mills – One of Henry’s best friends, she grew up on Harper’s Island but left after a serial killer murdered her mother.


Jim Beaver as Sheriff Charlie Mills – The town sheriff and Abby’s dad, his relationship with his daughter is still strained from the grisly murder of his wife many years ago.

C.J. Thomason as Jimmy Mance – Abby’s old boyfriend, he’s a local boy who sees her return as a chance to get back together.

Ben Cotton as Shane Pierce – He’s a townie and Jimmy’s best friend

Ali Liebert as Nikki Bolton – Abby’s childhood friend, she owns the local bar and is a tough biker chick.

Ana Mae Routledge as Kelly Seaver – A local girl, her mother has also killed by the same killer who took Abby’s mom, but she never left the island and never got over the tragedy.

Beverly Elliot as Maggie Krell – She’s the energetic wedding planner and owner of the inn the guests are staying at.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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