David Lewis is a Canadian actor who got his break in 1988 in Tales from the Gimli Hospital as Gimli Manfolk. His film debut eventually landed him several TV gigs, including The Comrades of Summer, Love on the Run, Madison and The X Files as Agent Kreski. Subsequently, he landed minor roles in Abducted: A Father’s Love, Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story, Voyage of Terror, Every Mother’s Worst Fear and The New Addams Family. In 1999, Lewis played Walt Lawson in the movie Lake Placid, and further broadened his acting credentials with his role as Kevin Mitchum on Hope’s Island. He continued to be in the spotlight as he scored more popular films and primetime shows such as The Butterfly Effect 2, The L Word, Smallville, Criminal Minds, and The Guard.In 2009, David Lewis was cast as Richard Allen on Harper’s Island, a CBS series about a group of family and friends who travel for a destination wedding to an island famous for a streak of unsolved murders.