The Cul-de-Sac crew on Cougar Town loves their wine–so much so that newcomer Wade is concerned with how many bottles he’s got to buy since that’s his job now.

If you’ve been looking to pound some grape with the crew, here’s a drinking game you can use for tonight’s all new episode at 10pm on TBS or throughout the rest of the season. (We wouldn’t recommend you drink every time they do because that would be a lot.)

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Please drink responsibly when reading all of our suggestions below.

Drink once when…

  • Members of the crew are playing Penny Can
  • The green screen at Travis’ is used
  • Tom is at the window
  • There’s a scene at Grayson’s bar
  • Ellie calls Laurie “jelly bean”

Drink twice when…

  • A new rule is made up or discovered for Penny Can
  • Laurie is making an elaborate baked product
  • Ellie throws a mean glance at someone
  • Someone calls Grayson “tiny eyes”
  • Any time Andy yells “Come on!”
  • Whenever Laurie says “What what”

Drink three if…

  • Ellie and Andy’s child, Stan, is seen
  • An actor who was on Scrubs shows up (aside from Jules’ dad)
  • Andy and Bobby demonstrate the strength of their bromance
  • Barb shows up
  • Jules or someone else visits her therapist, Lynn

Finish the rest of your drink if…

  • There’s a scene set at Jules’ realty office
  • Grayson’s daughter is mentioned and/or seen
  • Someone is running like Tom Cruise
  • Big Carl is mentioned or Jules is drinking from Big Lou

Please be safe when playing the drinking game–especially when you’re doing it with wine. And feel free to follow the rules at your own discretion–though leave feedback in the comments if you came up with something even better.

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And continue to enjoy Cougar Town on TBS on Tuesday nights at 10pm.

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Alan Danzis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV