Danica Stewart and Kam Heskin, popularly known for their roles on Passions, are now starring on NBC’s first online soap opera, Coastal Dreams.  The show, which premiered on October 2, is a 24-episode series that centers on two beautiful women, whose plans for fun on the beach is interrupted by deadly danger.

Stewart, the third actress to portray the role of Jessica Bennett on Passions, currently plays Zoe, one of the lead characters on Coastal Dreams.  According to the actress, filming the online soap is very different from working on Passions, given that they had to shoot 24 episodes of Coastal Dreams in just a span of four days.

“It was just like filming a movie, which was such a great experience.  We got more takes and we all got our coverage and we had one camera instead of walking onto a set and having four cameras set up.  I felt free to be able to do what I wanted and explore the character.  What we filmed in four days was what we would film in one day on Passions,” Stewart told Soap Opera Digest.

Heskin, who is not only known as Sheridan Crane on Passions but as Caitlin Richards-Deschanel on Sunset Beach as well, plays April on the new soap.  She portrays an ex-model and a global business woman who is also the cousin of Zoe.

“She’s a little off her rocker, but has good intentions and comes from a lonely background.  Her entire family is gone, her parents have left, so she has this handyman around the house that she’s fallen in love with and is very close to her.  I think she’s afraid to lose anyone else in her life, so when Zoe shows up with her friend, it gets a little messy.  April gets a little panicked,” Heskin said of her character.

Both actresses are happy to be part of Coastal Dreams, and while both consider appearing on television as a fun experience, they are also pleased to be part of something groundbreaking in the form of the online soap.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Soap Opera Digest
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Kris De Leon

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