Following last week’s extra hilarious episode featuring Sex and the City‘s Jason Lewis, tonight marks the first of a two-part season finale on House.  The all-too interrupted season comes to a close next week with the broadcast of the second and concluding half.

Here’s a look at what’s in store in tonight’s episode entitled “House’s Head” along with star Lisa Edelstein’s (Lisa Cuddy) own personal thoughts on why it meant getting her dressed as a schoolgirl and working a strip pole.

In tonight’s offering, House is lucky enough to survive a bus mishap that has left dozens of critically injured others.  Nonetheless, the expert diagnostician finds himself bloodied, dazed and confused.  Through the fogginess of his murky memory, House is convinced from whatever flashbacks he has that one of the bus passengers was symptomatic of a deadly disease.  He struggles to overcome the memory loss resulting from his head injuries to piece together the facts in time to save that person’s life.

Aside from the difficulties House‘s compromised memory poses to his ability to exercise his medical skills, his head trauma also results in some very interesting scenes for some of his co-stars.  Lisa Edelstein for instance, found herself donning a suggestive schoolgirl getup and giving a strip pole some fascinating workout.

“It is very interesting what happens in the first half of the finale in terms of learning about how House sees people and getting the world from his point of view entirely,” Edelstein told Zap2it ahead of tonight’s installment.  “He’s suffering from a brain injury so he’s trying to remember what he saw before the accident and in doing so he’s using the people around him in his imagination to kind of help him dig through his memory and bring things up and so when Cuddy enters into that fantasy, he decides he might as well have her strip.”

And here’s something else to whet your appetite for tonight’s House, straight from Cuddy’s mouth:  “He ends up risking his own life in order to access his own mind and none of the other people can do what he does, so they’re all willing to participate in that risk.  For a long time, nobody really knows to what extend he’s risking his own life, but even when it becomes apparent, it still goes on.”

“House’s Head,” the first of a two-part season ender on House, airs tonight at 9.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX, Zap2it
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