Are you looking to settle for a movie night with enchanting classics? We’ve got just what you need – an order breakdown of “Open Season” movies. Get ready to experience the roller-coaster ride of emotions that these fantastic animated films bring!

Weighing the heartwarming moments of big-hearted Boog (Martin Lawrence) and cuddly Elliot against their mischievous schemes and interactions with other woodland creatures, the “Open Season” franchise will bring your entire family together for an unforgettable adventure.

The “Open Season” movie series was created by Steve Moore and John B. Carls and produced by Sony Pictures Animation. It was released to the theatres by Columbia Pictures under Sony Pictures.

The movie was also released in the IMAX 3D format, and even a video game for the film was released on multiple platforms.

This blog post is perfect for anyone who loves animated comedy and wants to revisit the lovable characters from “Open Season.”

So please sit back, relax and prepare for a wild adventure as we explore all the whimsy, humor, and lighthearted mischief these movies offer.

All the Open Season Movies in Order of Release Date

  • Open Season (2006)
  • Open Season 2 (2008)
  • Open Season 3 (2010)
  • Open Season: Scared Silly (2015)

Open Season (2006)

Jill Culton and Roger Allers 2006 directed the first film in the series. It is based on Steve Moore’s and John B. Carls’ original story about a domesticated grizzly bear that meets Elliot with an amnesiac one-antlered fast-talking mule deer to save other woodland animals from human hunters during hunting season.

After years of successfully producing films, Sony Pictures Animation decided to release “Open Season” to theaters everywhere.

The story starts with a Boog, a 900-pound (400 kg) grizzly bear, who lives a pampered but captive existence in the small town of Timberline. He spends his days as the star attraction of the town’s nature show and lives in ranger Beth’s garage at night.

One day, hunting former hunter shaw drives into Timberline with a one-horned mule deer named Elliot strapped to his truck hood. After Boog frees him, Elliot becomes convinced that they are friends, and that night, sleeping comfortably in the garage, he tells Boog to be “free” from his captivity and introduces sweet temptations he has never known.

The film has good animation, entertaining dialogues, and fun animations. Although professional movie critics were hesitant about the film, audiences loved it.

Open Season 2 (2008)

Released after two years, “Open Season 2,” directed by Matthew O’Callaghan, was enthusiastically welcomed by audiences. The story follows Boog and Elliot on an adventure to save their family from a group of hunters intent on capturing them.

The story begins in springtime. Elliot, a young elk, is due to marry Giselle but becomes frustrated when his newly-grown antlers become cracked before the wedding. He fears this is an omen of bad luck, and after hearing Ian’s words during the ceremony, he starts to doubt. Meanwhile, Mr. Weenie (a dachshund) follows a trail of dog biscuits left behind by his old owners.

Mr. Weenie is taken away by his old owners at the climax of the wedding, and Elliot tells an exaggerated story to the other forest animals about Bobbie torturing Mr. Weenie to avoid marrying Giselle. Boog, Elliot, Giselle, McSquizzy, Buddy (Lee Tockar), Serge, and Deni set off on a rescue mission under Boog’s lead to save him.

The film keeps the same charm as its predecessor but introduces a few new essences that help move the plot forward. The movie also features creative visuals and witty dialogues that add to the fun.

Open Season 3 (2010)

The third film, directed by Cody Cameron, was first shown in Russia on October 21, 2010, then released straight to video in the US and Canada on January 25, 2011.

The story follows the lead character Boog, who wakes up one spring morning several years after the previous film’s events. He plans an annual guys’ trip to spend time with his male best friends.

Unfortunately, Elliot has become distant from Boog since beginning a family with Giselle. They now have three children: daughter Gisela and sons Giselita and Elvis. Because everyone else wants to spend time with their families, boog decides to go on the guy’s trip with his plush toy Dinkleman; however, he eventually ends up at Maslova Family Circus – a Russian traveling circus.

While there, Boog meets Doug, a scruffy grizzly bear who cannot perform circus tricks and is tired of performing in the circus. He longed for recognition and power as the king of the forest.

Doug conned Boog into swapping spots, reassuring his Argentine llama best friend Alistair that he would return to lead him back to the forest. The pets and other wild animals realize Boog is missing, so they devise a plan to get him back.

Doug breaks his promise and tries to enslave the animals of the forest, causing Alistair to tell Boog about the plan. Even though Doug tricked him, Boog forgives Alistair, and they become friends because they both feel abandoned by their best friend.

The film’s story and characters will not disappoint its loyal fans, and the animation is much improved from the earlier installments.

Open Season: Scared Silly (2015)

The final installment was directed by David Feiss, creator of Hanna-Barbera’s Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel. Except for Melissa Sturm and Michelle Murdocca, none of the voice cast from previous installments returned for this film. In Turkey, it theatrically premiered on December 18, 2015, but in North America, it went straight to video release on March 8, 2016.

Elliot tells a campfire story about the legend of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf that is said to live in the Timberline National Forest. Boog is terrified by the story and decides to “chicken out” of their annual camping trip until he knows that the werewolf is gone. The woodland animals are determined to help Boog overcome his fears by scaring the worry out of him and uncovering the mystery of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf.

The film did not perform as well as its predecessor; it earned only $1.8 million against a budget of $5.5 million. However, if you liked the story and performance of Boog and the other characters in the last parts, you will love this one. Not only does it bring back the same old charm, but it also manages to add a few more elements that make the movie appealing.

So here we are with all the “Open Season” movies in order. What are you waiting for if you’re a franchise fan? This article has helped give you an overview of the series and will help make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many “Open Season” movies are there?

Four films and one short film, “Boog and Elliot’s Midnight Bun Run,” were released in the “Open Season” franchise.

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