On Dirty Sexy Money, chaos seems to be a normal thing for the Darling family whose members struggle with issues of power, wealth and deceit.  Off camera, however, the cast of the ABC drama is getting along very well.

Though there were a few familiar faces, cast member William Baldwin reveals that when he was cast on the series, he didn’t really know who was going to be involved.

“I knew there was an offer out to Peter [Krause], but I wasn’t sure of who else was involved.  I didn’t even know Peter that well…I knew he was on Six Feet Under and of course, I knew Jill [Clayburgh] and Donald [Sutherland], but as far as the rest of the cast, I had no idea.  And now, we’re all one big happy family,” he told TV Guide.

“Everybody is getting along really well…You achieve a high degree of intimacy very quickly,” he added.

Baldwin is best known for his roles in films like Backdraft and Flatliners.  On Dirty Sexy Money, the 44-year-old actor plays Patrick Darling, the handsome and commanding rising politician.  But underneath his seemingly polished exterior is a dilemma surrounding his affair with a transsexual, which many consider as a very interesting political scandal.

“Some might think it’s kinky or deviant, and he may have been drawn [to Carmelita] for those reasons, but at some point it became very real. I have friends who say that we’re the most normal couple on the show, the most stable.  People seem to be loving it,” he said of his character’s storyline with Carmelita who is portrayed by Candis Cayne.

Created by Craig Wright, Dirty Sexy Money is a series that centers on Nick George (Peter Krause), an idealistic lawyer who becomes the personal attorney of the absurdly wealthy Darling family upon his father’s mysterious death.  Now, he struggles with his principles as he gets involved in the dubious endeavors of the Darling clan.

Dirty Sexy Money airs every Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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