Last week on One Tree Hill, it was finally revealed that Lucas picked Peyton to head to Vegas with him for a quickie wedding.  The two have yet to get married, but they did exchange rings in a romantic moment that made Brucas fans throw things at their televisions.  While none of that interested me in the least, I was excited to see Dan fall into the most over the top plot line of all time.  It turns out that evil Nanny Carrie ran him over, stole his wallet, wheeled him out of the ER when no one was looking, then drove him to a house in the middle of the boonies to torment him by reenacting Misery.  It’s all completely plausible if you shut your brain off.  Also, Brooke got the crap beat out of her by a random mugger.

On tonight’s laboriously titled episode, Brooke struggles to deal with her injuries, and Jamie witnesses something that no five-year-old should see.

Lucas and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) are still as happy as can be, and they share their joy over their upcoming marriage by jumping up and down on a bed.  While they act like toddlers in Vegas, little Jamie walks in on Skills and Deb making out.  Skills tries to explain that he was just seeing if she had anything stuck in her teeth, but Jamie wasn’t born yesterday.  “And I thought the last nanny was crazy,” he says, being as adorable as ever.  He tells Deb that it’d be awesome to have Skills as a grandpa.

Over on Nip/Tuck: Tree Hill Edition, Nanny Carrie is feeding Dan (Paul Johansson) oatmeal filled with cockroaches.  Ha!  When she’s not playing Nurse Rached she keeps herself busy by driving by Jamie’s school and looking at him longingly.  Dan later finds the will to speak, tells her “your plan sucks,” and lets out an evil laugh.  Hee, I love Dan.  He tells her to call the number on the back of the pager if she wants a nice surprise, but she refuses to do it.

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