Fans of Sarah Drew are happy to know that the 27-year-old Everwood actress is slowly making her way back to television with a number of guest appearances.  Previously, she had a little cameo on AMC’s Mad Men, and then just last month, she landed a role in the CW’s new drama series, Privileged, which is created by Everwood’s writer, Rina Mimoun. On Privileged, Drew is playing Joanna Garcia’s best friend. Drew will only appear in the eight episode, but this doesn’t mean that her stay will be brief. In fact, Mimoun believes that Drew is someone they all can’t get enough of.

“You can’t just have her on once,” Mimoun told Entertainment Weekly last month.  “[Her Everwood character] Hannah was never supposed to be on for more than, like, a two-episode arc, and she ended up staying forever!”

Fans will be glad to know that Sarah Drew will also be appearing in a multiple-episode arc in Private Practice.  However, the production has been tight-lipped on which character she will be playing and what storyline will be revolving around.  Nonetheless, Michael Ausiello from EW says that Drew will be playing a patient who will be spending time with Chris Lowell’s midwife.

In other news, we recently reported that Kate Walsh may be visiting Seattle Grace again soon, but not without a good story to tell, says creator Shonda Rhimes.

Nonetheless, Walsh seems happy to be part of Private Practice, which comes back with its second season in October.  She adds that this season, her character Addison Forbes Montgomery “will be more in a take-charge mode,” now that she has become a central character, as opposed to her previous supporting character in Grey’s Anatomy.

Walsh also says that the upcoming season of Private Practice “flows more seamlessly.  The medical cases and characters are much more intertwined.”

Catch Private Practice as it returns on Wednesday, October 1 at 9pm on ABC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW, USA Today

Valerie Del Castillo

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