Yet another character is awake from the curse on Once Upon a Time, but this time, she is woken up for a specific reason. In “Wake-Up Call,” Regina takes Drizella under her wing to teach her magic, but Drizella uses the lessons to take revenge on her mother. In Hyperion Heights, Ivy uses some magic of her own to wake up Roni for personal reasons. Meanwhile, Henry gets closer to Jacinda, and Rogers continues his investigation into the missing girl.

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Another Dark Curse

In fairytale land, Regina fears that Henry doesn’t need her any more as he gets closer to Cinderella. As she wanders the forest, she stumbles upon a girl casting a spell that creates a giant, dangerous plant. Regina uses her magic to save the girl, but immediately regrets it when she realizes it’s Drizella.

Drizella explains that she’s trying to steal magic to break free from her mother. She tells Regina she was born with magic, but her mother never let her perfect it. Regina offers to help Drizella, and says she just has to believe in herself. Regina explains that Drizella reminds her of herself learning magic, but says she used her magic to get revenge and eventually cast the dark curse, which didn’t help, she warns Drizella.

Rumple arrives, and the pair take a break from the lessons. Rumple tells Regina about Belle and their adventures, and how it’s time to be free of the Dark One forever. He then warns Regina about Lady Tremaine and Drizella, and what their motives are.

Regina uses her powers to look in on Lady Tremaine, and Drizella realizes that her mother wants to take out her heart to put in her dead sister, Anastasia, to bring her back to life. Drizella in turn, asks Regina to help her kill her mother, but Regina advises against that. Drizella storms off to take matters into her own hands.

At Lady Tremaine’s castle, Drizella turns her heart black in front of her mother and Regina, much to their dismay. Drizella tells them that Regina taught her how to seek revenge. Regina once again warns her that casting a dark curse isn’t worth the cost. Drizella tells Lady Tremaine that she’s going to take her to another realm to plant a seed of pain in her life. She says the seed will start small and will grow, until eventually, everything she sees and breathes will be pain. Regina says she’ll do whatever it takes to stop her, as heroes can always break curses, to which Drizella replies that she’ll just have to find a way to make her curse unbreakable.

Investigating the Truth

In Hyperion Heights, Henry and Roni are trying to figure out what the photo means. Roni assumes that Victoria photoshopped an image from Henry’s book to annoy her. Lucy arrives and thinks otherwise, believing that Roni is Regina and is actually Henry’s adoptive mother. She’s determined to make them both believe this is true.

During a lunch walk, Roni urges Henry to go find Jacinda and smooth things over since his Halloween outing with Ivy. Meanwhile, Roni goes to find Lucy to try and get her to see the truth. Henry finds Jacinda and woos her a bit. He gets her to soften a bit toward him, and they start to work on her new food truck together.

Roni finds Lucy, who is looking for the storybook. She tells Lucy they will find out the truth together, in the hopes that Lucy will be disappointed. Together they go to see Weaver and ask him to look into a possible adoption case in Boston by a woman named Regina Mills. Weaver asks what he gets out of the case, and Roni says she’ll owe him one. A few hours later, Weaver goes to see Roni at the bar and the case file. He eventually leaves it with her, reminding her again that she owes him a favor. After he leaves, Roni goes through the file and realizes she has the same handwriting as Regina Mills.

Wake-Up Call

Ivy goes to see Victoria, who is suffering from a migraine. She removes some blue flowers, telling her that’s probably the cause of her headache, but she brings them to the mystery lady. The mystery lady says the flowers have a tiny fragile seed that needs to grow to create magic. She tells Ivy to be patient a little longer, and imagine her mother’s destruction. She does question whether it was wise to give Regina the photo, but Ivy assures her by the end of the day, Regina won’t be a problem.

Later, Ivy brings the mystery lady some dirt from the garden, which makes the seeds grow into another plant. The woman warns that it is the most dangerous path to take a person down, but Ivy takes some of the petals to use on Regina. She then heads to the bar and tells Roni she has more information on Victoria. She prepares a drink for Roni with the plant it in, and soon Roni is remembering that she’s Regina.

Ivy tells Regina that she needed to find the photo and the file on herself to warm her brain up, and now she’s pushed over the edge as she remembers. However, she doesn’t wake her up enough to give her magic back. Ivy then warns Regina that Henry can not know about anything. She tells Regina that her curse is hero proof, and if it’s ever broken something very bad will happen to the people she loves.

Ivy tells Regina she woke her up because she needs her help. She says she’s on the verge of showing her mother what true suffering is, and can’t have anyone breaking the curse. Regina then realizes that Henry and Jacinda’s courtship could break the curse, and Ivy tells her that true love’s kiss can’t happen.

Later that night, Henry finds Roni, who struggles hard not to tell Henry that she’s awake. He then tells her the story of his past, which is actually Emma’s past, which pains Regina to hear.

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Another Investigation

While all of this is going on, Rogers doesn’t give up on his investigation into missing girl Eloise Gardner. He enlists the help of Tilly. She provides him a riddle that basically tells him to open his eyes to see what’s in front of him. That advice leads him back to the man who he interrogated earlier in the week. However, that man is laying on the floor of his home. I guess Rogers’ interrogation into this missing girl could be getting pretty dangerous.

Now we know that it was Ivy that cast the curse, but it seems to be a slightly different curse than the one on Storybrooke, as it seems pretty easy for Ivy to wake people up. I think it’s great that Regina is awake, but I have to wonder how she’s going to navigate with her knowledge of everything. Will being awake and under Ivy’s watchful eye cause Regina to spiral back into being the Evil Queen?

At this point, I’d like to know who else is actually awake. Is Regina awake? She does visit the mystery lady too with her daughter Anastasia’s body. Is Weaver awake too? I’m curious to know that if Weaver is awake, will Regina team up with him to defeat Ivy? And what terrible thing will Ivy do if Regina tries to fight back and tell Henry the truth?

Are you surprised that Ivy woke up Regina? What do you think happened in fairytale land that has Regina so worried about her loved ones? Do you think Weaver will team up with Regina to defeat Ivy? Is Ivy defeatable, or has she really hero-proofed her curse? Let us know in the comments below.

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