Much to my delight, Aladdin and Jasmine, as well as Ariel, are back on Once Upon a Time. In this episode, titled “A Wondrous Place,” Aladdin and Jasmine try to find Agrabah and run into Hook, who helps them. And back in Storybrooke, Regina tries to help Emma face her feelings instead of keeping them to herself.

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What Happened in Agrabah?

Many years ago, the Sultan wants to marry off his daughter, Jasmine. He says the kingdom needs a prince with an army to defeat Jafar. But Jasmine wants to marry for love and thinks Agrabah needs a hero. She says Aladdin is a hero, but Jafar arrives and says Aladdin is broken. He suggests that Jasmine marry him, adding that if she doesn’t marry him by sundown, Agrabah will be destroyed.

In conflict, Jasmine decides to walk through the market. While there, someone steals something and a guard runs after them. Jasmine runs after them too, thinking it’s Aladdin. However, it’s actually Ariel. When the guard takes Ariel’s necklace, she turns back into a mermaid, but Jasmine comes to her rescue and gets the necklace back. Ariel tells Jasmine that she’s there to find Prince Eric. When Jasmine learns that Prince Eric has an army, she uses the magic carpet to find him a little outside of Agrabah.

When they arrive to the camp, Jafar is already there and gives Jasmine one more chance to accept his proposal. She and Ariel try to think of a way to defeat Jafar. Ariel suggests just facing him head-on, even giving Jasmine the red potion that Jafar has used to turn people into walking sticks. However, Jafar interrupts them, sends Ariel back to the sea and demands an answer. Jasmine finally agrees to marry him and gives him the ring, which is considered the crown jewel of Agrabah.

Jafar laughs and says he never had any intention of marrying Jasmine or saving Agrabah. He tells her he just wanted the ring, which will help him break the spell that’s protecting Agrabah. He then uses the ring to make Agrabah disappear.

Getting Back to Storybrooke

As the Nautilus takes off, Hook tells Nemo to take them back to Storybrooke. Nemo informs him that they have portaled between realms and the only way to get back to Storybrooke is to use Kraken’s blood, which has run out. Hook suggests hunting a Kraken to get its blood.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and Jasmine have portaled to the Enchanted Forest in search of Agrabah. Jasmine fears they will never get home, especially when she finds the engagement ring her father was going to give her suitor. She fears that the wish was just a way to remind her of her failures. She gives up her search for Agrabah, and they head out on a rowboat so she can get rid of the lamp once and for all.

In the middle of the lake, a Kraken attacks them, and Hook shows up in the Nautilus. He tells them to get on, and then he scolds them for letting the Kraken go, fearing there’s no way to get back to Storybrooke. He suggests using one of Jasmine’s wishes, but Aladdin says it might not work. Then he decides that they should try and find Jafar, as he knows a way to travel between realms.

Nemo gets on deck and tells Hook that the ship is taking on water. Hook just wants to get to the island where Jafar is. Nemo says to just accept his fate, but Jasmine uses one of her wishes to get to the island where Jafar is. Once there, Nemo and his crew head back to the ship to repair it, while Jasmine, Aladdin and Hook go to find Jafar. Inside a hut that’s filled with trinkets, Ariel walks in and says it’s her home. She gives them a lamp and says Jafar is probably inside. Hook says they will let him out, make him send them home and then set him free. However, once he’s released, he manages to break the curse against him.

Jasmine demands to know where Agrabah is. He laughs and says it’s been closer than she thinks; in fact, it’s right in her fingertips. She realizes that Agrabah has been inside the ring she’s been carrying around in her pocket. Jasmine then uses Jafar’s potion on him to turn him into a walking stick.

Jasmine apologizes to Hook for defeating Jafar before getting back to Storybrooke. She then tells Aladdin that the best way to break the curse on Agrabah is with the kind of magic that can break any curse: true love. They kiss and are transported to Agrabah, and Aladdin’s curse is broken.

As Jasmine and Aladdin run off to tour Agrabah, Ariel gives Hook a magic mermaid shell so he can get a message to Emma at home.

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Ladies Night

Back in Storybrooke, Emma is hurting from Hook leaving town. She tells Charming about Hook killing his father. As the pair goes through files at the police station, Regina shows up with a coupon for a new pub in town, Aesop’s Lounge. She tells Charming to wake up Snow so the three women can have a ladies night.

Once at the pub, Regina tells Emma that she can’t run from her feelings. As Snow challenges some Vikings to some knife darts, Emma chats up the bartender, Aesop. She finally realizes her feelings for Hook and wipes her tears away with a napkin.

When she gets home, she gets mad at Henry for not storing Hook’s things in the shed. As she takes the box outside, she hears Hook’s voice in the mermaid shell he owns. She hears his message of where he is and that Gideon sent him there. He tells her he won’t stop until he gets home to her. However, when she tries to reply, Aesop shows up and says that as long as he has the tears of the Savior, Hook won’t be able to hear Emma. Aesop quickly turns into Gideon. He tells Emma that he wants to use her powers to help him. She obviously tells him no; however, he promises to keep Hook away from her unless she helps him.

When Emma asks what Gideon needs help with, he tells her he wants her to kill the Black Fairy.

Good Plus Evil

So the son of the Dark One needs a Savior to help him defeat the Black Fairy. This strays from Emma’s death vision that we’ve seen throughout season 6, but perhaps Emma’s death happens after she helps him defeat the Black Fairy. But will Emma actually help him? Her and Hook’s love has survived everything, including his death and a trip to the Underworld. I’m sure they can figure out a way of getting Hook back to Storybrooke without Gideon interfering.

I’m glad that Once Upon a Time gave Jasmine and Aladdin a true happy ending. I was worried at the beginning of the season that their story was sort of unresolved, but now that they got Agrabah back, they can live happily ever after.

Lots of questions still remain. How will David react when Hook gets back to Storybrooke? Will Emma’s death vision come true? And will Snow and David ever be awake at the same time again?

What did you think of “A Wondrous Place”? Are you happy that Aladdin and Jasmine got their happy ending? Do you think Emma will help Gideon to be with Hook again? Do you think Gideon will even stay true to his word? Let us know in the comments section below.

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