Abby Sciuto and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (or as fans know them, Abby and Gibbs) have one of the best relationships on the small screen in CBS’ hit show NCIS. While they have been said to have a father/daughter relationship, there has also been talk that their closeness is a little too intimate and inappropriate. I think the lack of definition of what’s going on between then is pretty perfect. But whatever it is, Gibbs never tries to hide or shut down speculation that Abby is his favorite.

He Has Literally Told Her

Everyone in the NCIS office knows that Abby is Gibbs’ favorite. If there were any question about it, Gibbs has no problem saying, “You’re my favorite.” And the team doesn’t seem too disgruntled by it either. It kind of comes with the territory. In fact, there have been occasions when the entire team comes to Abby’s defense thanks to Gibbs’ love for her. It’s safe to say neither Abby or Gibbs is going anywhere (I hope.) 

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He’s Only Super Affectionate with Her 

Abby is the only agent who can get as close to Gibbs as she does. And he certainly invites it with no question. From kisses on the cheek to giving her what looks like the warmest hug ever, it’s safe to say Abby has a very special place with Gibbs and his heartstrings. But the way that he does these things aren’t necessarily sensual or romantic. Instead, it’s almost as if Abby is his unofficial daughter, especially since neither of them really has a family of their own.

They Bond over the Small Things

Besides hugging and kissing (in the most appropriate way possible), nothing can bring Abby and Gibbs closer than a cup of coffee. Both of them are literally addicted to it. But it’s extra sweet when Gibbs brings her favorite drink to the office.

He Goes to Great Lengths to Make Her Feel Like Family

Not much is said about Abby’s family. But when Gibbs does refer to them, he always speaks about them in past tense. Because of that, we know that they were deaf; which makes it extremely meaningful and adorable that Gibbs would go as far as learning American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her. Yet, no one else can get to Gibbs with the silent treatment the way Abby does.

Don’t Mess with Abby When Gibbs Is Around

People have learned the hard way not to mess with Abby if Gibbs is anywhere within earshot. It’s clear that Abby doesn’t need any extra protection, but Gibbs takes extreme measures to show that Abby is safe with him anyway. I’ll never forget the time he threatened Abby’s ex-boyfriend, Mikel Mawher, who she had a restraining order against. His line, “The only reason you’re still able to walk is because I never heard about you until today,” is still one of the most talked-about when it comes to Abby and Gibbs’ relationship. He has also said many times that he would do whatever it takes to protect her; and he’s proven it when it’s time to let his actions back up his promise.

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He Accepts Her for Who She Is 

Anyone who watches NCIS for five minutes can tell that Abby has a unique sense of fashion. And while some might give her a double take or a side eye, Gibbs is all for Abby expressing herself any way she wants to. He even lets her keep huge stuffed animals on her desk as a way to combat the stress of the job and keep her huge tattoos on display. This could be because he walks to the beat of his own drum as well, just in a different way. Plus, the idea that he knows literally everything about Abby just makes him love her more.

Do you agree that Abby is Gibbs’ favorite? What do you think about Abby and Gibbs’ relationship?

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