I’m digging the “untold stories” storyline in season six of Once Upon a Time. I like how each week a story is told and then essentially completed, all while intertwining with Emma and friends for Operation Cobra – Part Two. In “The Other Shoe,” Emma tries to help Cinderella finish her untold story, which isn’t what she thought. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen seeks help from a locked up Hyde, and Regina seeks help from Hyde’s counterpart, Dr. Jekyll. And David seeks Gold’s help for information on his father.

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Cinderella’s Untold Story

As we know from season one, Rumple is Cinderella’s fairy godfather, but her story doesn’t just end at the ball. Before she even meets Rumple, she finds a key that her mother had hidden in a dress. The key, Cinderella was told, contains magic and will allow her to go to the land of untold stories. She puts the key in a box and forgets about it.

At the royal ball, she runs into Snow White, who urges her to talk to Prince Thomas. They hit it off, but after one dance, he says he has some business to attend to, and he’ll be back. However, Cinderella witnesses him giving a rose to her stepsister, Clorinda. Her stepmother appears, and explains that the prince and Clorinda are just making fun of Cinderella, and he doesn’t like her. Cinderella runs off, leaving a glass slipper behind on the steps.

Up in her room, she finds the key again, and opens a portal to the land of untold stories. Before she can go in, Clorinda rushes in and stops her. She tells Cinderella that the prince is searching all over for the girl in the glass slipper. At first Cinderella doesn’t believe her, but then Clorinda explains that she’s engaged to the prince’s footman, Jacob, and that’s why the prince gave her the rose, to congratulate her. She tells Cinderella she’s going to run away with Jacob and live happily ever after, away from her mother. Cinderella fears that Clorinda will never get away from her mother, so she gives her the key to go to the land of untold stories with Jacob.

A little while later, her stepmother comes to see Cinderella to find out where Clorinda is. When her stepmother threatens to break the glass slipper, Cinderella reveals where Clorinda is, but she breaks the slipper anyway. Cinderella is devastated, but her stepmother locks her in her room. As she’s cleaning up the broken glass, Snow White comes by with Prince Thomas, in search of Cinderella. Just as they leave, Gus, the mouse, rushes out to get Snow. She and the prince go into Cinderella’s room, where he proposes to her immediately.

She runs to the Enchanted Forest to find Clorinda before her stepmother does, but she’s too late. Her stepmother grabs the key, opens a portal and brings Clorinda with her into the land of untold stories.

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Helping Cinderella

At Granny’s, Henry brings his list of the newcomers of Storybrook to Emma and Hook. Cinderella comes in and asks to see the list, in case anyone brought children, she could offer her day car services. Of course, Emma happily hands the list over, thinking nothing of it.

Later, Emma goes to see Archie to continue her discussions on her visions and why her magic is failing. He urges her to focus on the now, and not on what the ending may or may not be. Afterward, she runs into Prince Thomas, who tells her that Cinderella is missing. He also tells her that Clorinda came in on the boat of untold stories, and that his gun is gone. Fearing the worst, Emma whips up a sneaker, and grabs Henry and Hook, to find Cinderella.

They find her running with a gun. Cinderella explains that she’s not going to kill Clorinda. She’s going to make things right with her, after what she did to her. She feels responsible for Clorinda’s untold story. As Emma tries to stop her with her magic, it fails and Cinderella runs away.

The Evil Queen shows up, and basically tells Emma she’s out to destroy her. She explains that Regina was never strong enough to allow her story to play out to get her happy ending, so the Evil Queen will do it for her. She tells Emma that Cinderella’s story doesn’t end well, and Emma probably can’t save her. She then sends Emma, Henry and Hook off the grid for a while. However, Henry uses the storybook to find Cinderella the old fashioned way.

They show up just in time to see the evil stepmother stab Cinderella, who is protecting Clorinda and Jacob in a barn. Hook grabs the stepmother, while Emma tends to Cinderella’s wound. At first, her hand shakes and her magic doesn’t work, then Henry tells her to relax and her powers work to heal Cinderella.

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Trying To Get Ahead

Meanwhile, Regina is trying to stay ahead of the Evil Queen, but is failing. At first, she goes to seek advice from Hyde, but the Evil Queen has already been there, and gave him a very cozy jail cell. Regina then seeks help from Dr. Jekyll, who thinks that if he can re-create the spell that split Regina and the Evil Queen, then they can figure out why she exists and how to defeat her. However, he says the conditions he’s working in, which is the forest, aren’t suitable and he needs a lab. Snow and Regina bring him to Dr. Frankenstein’s garage lab, in the hope the pair can re-create that spell.

Regina also seeks some clues from her sister Zelina, to no avail.

But she really can’t stay ahead of the Evil Queen, who seeks out Hyde again. But this time, she lets him out so they can destroy Emma and Storybrook together.

Seeking Normalcy

While all this is going on, Snow expresses concerns that all they do is defeat a bad guy, celebrate a little and then head out to defeat another. She tells David that she liked it better when they were under the spell and she was a teacher, and they basically didn’t know any better. She says she wants to bring normalcy back to Storybrook, so she contemplates going back to teaching. She even suggests to Regina that both Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein become teachers too after they get rid of the Evil Queen.

Meanwhile, David is looking for answers about his father. After the Evil Queen gave him his father’s coin, he seeks out Rumple for some answers. Of course, there’s a price to pay for that information, so he makes the deal and brings Belle a cassette tape.

The information he finds, isn’t exactly what he was looking for, and leaves him with more questions. He says his father was stabbed, but the coin was found in the wreckage of a cart. He tells Snow that clearly his father’s killer is still out there. But Snow doesn’t want him seeking revenge. He finally agrees, and says he’ll burn the card with the information on it, except he doesn’t.

And in moving on with her life, Emma finally asks Hook to move in with her, which is a huge step for her.

So What’s Next?

Now that Emma is giving in to somewhat enjoying life, we know something is bound to go wrong. And the fact that she’s keeping her visions a secret from her family and Hook isn’t good. Even though she’s confiding in Archie, she needs to let her family know so they can help. And perhaps even let Regina know, because her powers are still okay, as long as the Evil Queen isn’t around.

And as long as the Evil Queen is around wrecking havoc on the town, no one will actually be normal. Especially now that she’s let Hyde out. No good can come of that on Once Upon a Time.

I’m very eager to see what untold stories play out on season six of Once Upon a Time. And I really can’t wait for Aladdin’s story to be told!

What did you think of “The Other Shoe?” Were you surprised about Cinderella’s story? Do you think Emma will be able to get her powers back fully to destroy the Evil Queen? Are you happy she’s trying to live her life with Hook without worrying about the future? How long do you think that will last? Leave your comments below.

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