On Designated Survivor, President Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) continues to face an uphill battle during his first days as President of the United States as he fights for the right to maintain his position of the highest office in the free world.

Titled “The Confession,” episode 3 shows Kirkman facing tough questions from the press about his ability to be the president. He also finds that the American people might not be so ready to welcome him with open arms when a hidden secret comes to light.

As the second episode ended, a lone survivor was found in the rubble; a congressman named Peter Macleash. FBI Agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) starts to develop her own theories on who really bombed the Capitol and subsequently wiped out the entire cabinet during the State of Union address. She has her own agenda and romantic connection to one of the reportedly deceased cabinet members, Scott Miller.

A Hacker Attacks the White House

The lights went out in the White House and their internet network went down. It is found that they were hacked. No one knew if top secret files were compromised on the president’s computer. Left on the computer after it was hacked was a message from a Middle Eastern terrorist claiming his terror group was behind the attack on U.S. soil.

Al Zakaar is reportedly behind the attack, but the president has a hunch the strike was manipulated. Until it can be confirmed one terrorist group is behind the attacks, the president will not confirm any new information to the American people.

DesignatedS_10_5_1.jpgEmily Rhodes (Italia Ricci) an Aaron Shore (Adan Canto) both vie for the position of Chief of Staff for President Kirkland. Kimble Hookstraten (Virginia Marsden), the other designated survivor, becomes a confidant to the president in his time of need. He shows her the video as she is a part of his new regime, but asks that it not get leaked.

The New President Begins to Fall Apart

Going through her son’s room, Alex (Natascha McElhone) finds drugs as well as wad of cash in his drawer as she and her young daughter finish packing their family’s belongings for their move to the White House. Drawing on her motherly instincts, she knows something is very wrong with her son Leo (Tanner Buchannan).

Kirkman’s (Kiefer Sutherland) first interview with the press doesn’t go as planned. During a candid interview with Elizabeth Vargas, he reveals that prior to taking office, he had no aspirations to become President.

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Vargas drops a bombshell during the interview that the now-deceased former President Richmond fired Kirkman from his cabinet on the day of the capitol bombing. In a frank declaration, Vargas asks Kirkman to tell the American people the truth. Kirkman also learns that most of the country does not think he is a fit leader.

DesignatedS_10_5_2.jpgHannah finds a new clue as to who bombed the capitol building. Hannah learns that there is a brief delay from the time the sole tape of the interior of the Capitol building ends until the bombing occurs. She informs her FBI co-worker to hack the phone of a woman taking photos at the same time the tape ends hoping to find more clues to what happened in those missing seconds before tragedy struck.

Tyler, the son of the deceased president, is unhappy with Kirkman’s honesty during the interview and instead of asking him to speak at his father’s funeral, he asks Congresswoman Hookstraten instead. Kirkman calls her speech opportunistic. During her speech, Kirkman changes his tune towards Hookstraten as no longer an ally, but someone to watch.

Presidential speechwriter Seth Wright (Kal Penn) finds that Tyler and his father had a falling out two years prior to his death and haven’t spoken since. As they were discussing this new development, the video linking terrorists to the capitol bombing was leaked to the news. Kirkman asks to speak to Hookstraten immediately.

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Hookstraten remarks that she already has her eyes on the presidency, looking to score points for the upcoming primary with her speech. She also says she was not the one who leaked the video. The president realizes that Aaron is the one that leaked the video, and calls his move insubordinate. Aaron defends his move so the country will rally behind the president instead of focusing on his shortcomings and the Elizabeth Vargas interview.

Kirkman speaks to Emily about the Chief of Staff position and tells her he is going to choose Tyler for the position. He still wants Emily as a close ally, as she has always been during his time in public office and reveals that he wants to appoint her as his special advisor.

Hannah finds via her FBI co-worker that there are two photos in the missing 34 seconds between when the Capitol video ran out and the building was bombed. In the first photo, Congressman Macleash was in the picture, in the second photo taken seconds later he was missing prior to the bombing. Hannah believes he has something to do with the attack on the capitol.

In the last moments of the episode, Aaron meets with an unidentified woman who gives him a file on the new president. What does he have up his sleeve?

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