As if How to Get Away with Murder couldn’t get any sexier, this week’s episode ties in a story line surrounding a sex club with Annalise and team, if you don’t mind the expression, getting in on the action at every turn. While dealing with even more scandalous truths from the Hapstall siblings, Annalise and her squad take on a new client charged with killing her lover mid coitus. 

Seven Weeks Later 

This week, as we get more pieces added to the puzzle, we find that after the Fab Four run out of the house and over the dead body of Emily Sinclaire, Annalise’s phone begins to ring with Nate on the other end. Just as Annalise is about to reach her phone, she passes out but does not necessarily die. Meanwhile, Nate is seemingly on his way towards her. 

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Hapstall Scandal

As Annalise sits in her office she goes over the theories regarding the Hapstall case while helping herself to an ample amount of liquor. A drunk Annalise then stumble to bed. Just as she’s about to fall asleep she’s brought back to her full attention by the sound of a crash. When she goes down to investigate though, it turns out to be a rat … hmmm metaphor much? She then calls Wes over to help take care of the situation.

After receiving an alarming message, Annalise and team head over to the Hapstall mansion where she confronts Caleb and Catherine about leaked photos of them kissing. Caleb tells her that they are in love and Annalise warns them about all the judgement they’ll face for their incestuous affair. 

After tasking Frank to find out the source behind the photos, it turns out the person responsible for leaking the pictures of Caleb and Catherine were their chief of staff, who tells Annalise that she believes they killed their parents due to the parents decision to remove them from their will after discovering their love affair. 

Meanwhile, we discover that it was Asher who had caused the crash at Annalise’s home earlier in the episode, as he was there on orders of Emily Sinclaire to steal Annalise’s recorder. When Asher goes to meet Sinclaire again to tell her that he’s done being her mole, she threatens him with an image of a mysterious young blonde girl from his past. Prompting Asher to seek help from his father. 

The Case of the Octopus

This week Team Keating has the job of defending Tonya Randolph, a woman accused of murdering her lover, Dominic Ewing, in the middle of sex. To make matters worse, Randolph also runs the sex club, Utopia Circle, which the DA uses to paint her as a sexual deviant. 

With all the talk of sex, Connor, Laurel, Asher, and even Wes can’t help but indulge in sharing their own sexual conquests and stories. However the topic of conversation makes Michaela highly uncomfortable, which at first we are led to believe might be because of her continued relationship with Levi aka Eggs 911, but as it turns out, it’s simply because of her sexual inexperience. When Annalise comes in to end their merriment, Connor informs her that he and Michaela have managed to get leads on the case.

The lead of course is an invite to the Utopia Circle by one of Tonya’s clients. At the meeting, they discover that on the night of Dominic’s death, Tonya made sure to be with him, even though they were not assigned to one another.

Tonya comes to Annalise’s office and reveals to her how Dominic died, it was due to a deadly mixture of Viagra and nitro glycerin, the latter of which she administered. Annalise tells her that she was selfish and kicks her out of her home. 

At court the next day, Annalise tells the judge that Tonya should be tried for first degree murder, much to the surprise and indignation of her client. But Annalise, being Annalise, is able to spin the trial in her favor, eventually getting Dominic’s wife to admit on the witness stand that she was the one responsible for Dominic’s death since she supplied him with the medicines that killed him, resulting in a non guilty verdict for her client and another win for Annalise. 

Wait List in Motion 

When Wes sees a picture of Levi, he immediately recognizes him from Rebecca’s photo, and accosts him outside of Michaela’s house. He finds out that Levi is indeed Eggs (who didn’t see that one coming?) but that he is Rebecca’s foster brother (Okay, I totally did not see that coming). Levi tells Wes that he believes Rebecca to be dead and that Annalise could have very well killed her. Wes and Levi then strike a deal, with Wes telling Levi he won’t reveal to Michaela and the rest of the group who he is because he wants to get to the bottom of what happened to Rebecca. 

Later on that night, Annalise goes to Nate Lahey’s home to offer him his old job back. Initially he refuses not wanting to owe anything to Annalise anymore, but she insists and he tells her he will think about it and closes the door on her. It’s only after he shuts the door that we see Wes in his room and Nate tells Wes that he’s “in.” Clearly there is a plan in motion here and Wes is at the center of it all … again. 

In the final moments,  we flash forward to see that as the team are running away from the Hapstall mansion, they run into Nate, who is in uniform, so clearly he took the job offer, and he instructs them all to get in his car. Was this the plan? I guess we’ll see.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10PM on ABC.

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