Could the US Olympic swim team possibly be any cuter? The undeniable answer is NO, they could not. Want proof? Check out the team’s utterly joy-making video parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” — a video complete with dips, hair flips, underwater choreography, and even a sexy air kiss from my future husband, Ryan Lochte.

Maybe you think you’ve seen enough Carly Rae Jepsen parodies to last you ’till the apocalypse, but until you’ve seen Nathan Adrian’s awkwardly adorkable miming, you’re missing out. It’ll put a smile on your face faster than this dancing otter will (and who doesn’t love a dancing otter?).

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After watching the clip, I have to award Missy Franklin the award for Best Commitment. Obviously, the girl’s got competitive spirit both in the pool and out, because she sashayed down that airplane aisle like she was performing at the Grammys. Holy hairography! Missy and the rest of her lip-synching relay team killed it, frankly. Apparently the air marshals look the other way when you’re an Olympic star, because I’m pretty sure these mile-high moves are against some regulations.

Honorable mention goes to the ridiculous man at the 45 second mark (is that you, Conor Dwyer?) for being endearingly insane and totally mesmerizing Brendan Hansen.

Oh, and whoever did the worm underwater has my unending admiration. You too, underwater robot. And of course, Michael Phelps wins just for showing up. (That smile! Those abs! Those broken records!)

It’s amazing how memorable the London Olympics have been already. These should be some riveting, inspiring and majorly entertaining games.

And if this video’s breathed new life into your “Call Me Maybe” meme-obsession — and admit it, it totally has — check out these other addicting Carly Rae Jepsen tributes.

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Sarah Watson
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