In the eighth episode of No Tomorrow season 1, “No Rest for the Weary,” Xavier gets a job at Cybermart to be closer to Evie, but he ends up complicating her already stressful workload by helping the employees stage a strike. Meanwhile, Kareema makes a bold decision to keep Sofia in her life.

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Xavier Makes Evie’s Job Harder

As the episode begins, poor Evie is stressed thanks to her increased workload. Evie has to balance her new Cyber Hugs job with her old one as the quality control manager. Things get even more difficult for her when Deirdre tells her that workplace productivity is down, and Evie needs to find a way to get the numbers back up.

To make matters worse, Evie gets stuck taking care of a rat after a disgruntled employee of a rodent rescue center shows up and accuses Evie of killing said rat by cutting their funding. Evie tries to explain that she just started the Cyber Hugs job so she had no say in cutting the center’s funding, but the guy isn’t interested in hearing her out. He leaves the rat in her care so she has to stare into his little rat face and know that his impending death is on her hands. (The rat gets quite a bit of screen time in this episode.)

Now that Evie’s workload has been doubled, she no longer has any time to hang out with Xavier or to work on their lists. Xavier decides to remedy this problem by getting a job at Cybermart so they can spend all day together. At first, Evie is excited about the prospect of working together because it means Xavier can help her work on increasing productivity in the workplace. Alas, Xavier ends up doing the opposite.

When Xavier sees how monotonous the warehouse job is, he tries to find ways to make it more exciting. His plan works a little too well, as the employees are having so much fun that they end up finishing their daily quota in half the usual time. Deirdre decides to then double their daily quotas. When Evie tries to argue against that, Deirdre explains that the warehouse is in danger of closing unless they show improvements for the next several quarters. This means they are all in danger of losing their jobs.

Evie Helps Mend Fences Between Management and the Workers

Evie informs the workers of their new quota, and they are not pleased. At Xavier’s urging, they end up going on strike. Xavier declares that they will not perform any of their duties until their demands are met. Some of those demands are for the quotas to be rolled back and for their sick days, vacation days and maternity leave to match the industry norm. Hank also suggests coming up with a “Just Not Feeling It” day where they can call out just because they don’t feel like coming in to work. (It’s basically an honest version of a sick day.)

Evie tries to negotiate a settlement with the workers, but Xavier won’t back down. This leads to an argument between the couple. Evie accuses Xavier of putting everyone’s jobs at risk, but Xavier doesn’t think that matters because the world is going to end in six months. Xavier thinks they’re all wasting what little time they have left, but Evie doesn’t see it that way.

Since Evie is making no progress in ending the strike, Deirdre decides to call in scabs to replace the warehouse workers. The employees do not react well to this news, and they team up to block the scabs from entering the warehouse.

Evie realizes that the only way to solve this disagreement is for the management to swap places with the floor workers. This will give them a chance to see things from the other’s point of view. It works, and Deirdre agrees to meet the employees’ demands, including the “Just Not Feeling It” day.

With the strike settled, Xavier resigns from his job. And Evie tells Deirdre that she cannot keep doing two jobs, so Deirdre will have to find a new quality control manager. Evie and Xavier then make up, and Evie ends up taking her “Just Not Feeling It” day so she can spend time with Xavier.

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Workplace Tension Causes Problems for Hank and Deirdre

Deirdre and Hank are asked to sign paperwork to make their relationship official and make sure they abide by company rules. To that end, they have to attend an in-house dating seminar. Evie and Xavier also have to attend since Xavier is now working for Cybermart. They watch an awful animated movie that talks about keeping their private life separate from their work responsibilities. Alas, this message seems lost on Deirdre as she ends up using her romantic relationship with Hank to try to get him to spy for her. She wants to know what’s going on with the strike at all times.

Unfortunately for Deirdre, Hank doesn’t want to spy on his friends. She tells him that he needs to pick a side. And much to her dismay, Hank chooses to side with his co-workers.

Hank’s decision to stand by his co-workers leads to Deirdre making him the new quality control manager. Alas, it also leads to her breaking up with him because he chose to support his friends instead of having her back. (Is the Hank-Deirdre relationship really over? How do you feel about that?)

Kareema Makes a Major Life Decision

Kareema is still seeing Sofia behind her brother’s back, but it’s starting to get to her. Kareema tells Evie that she plans to just ride things out until Sofia marries her brother and gets her green card. However, this becomes a problem when Kareema’s brother finds a sext on Sofia’s phone. Kareema’s brother does not know that Kareema is the one who sent the sext, but he does know that Sofia is involved with someone else. He decides to call off the wedding, which means that Sofia has to leave the country right away.

Kareema is heartbroken about Sofia’s upcoming departure because she has fallen in love with her. Evie points out that there is a simple solution to her problem. Since same-sex marriage is now legal, Kareema could just marry Sofia herself. Evie’s solution goes against Kareema’s nihilistic lifestyle. But she knows she doesn’t want to lose Sofia, so she decides to prioritize love over her beliefs.

Kareema tells Sofia that she wants to see where their relationship will go, so she asks Sofia to marry her. They might be doing things out of order, but Kareema thinks convention is overrated. Sofia agrees to marry her so she can stay in the country. Now they just have to find some way to tell Kareema’s brother.

Timothy Gets a New Job

Timothy gets an offer to work for a forward-thinking magazine, but he will only get the job if he can come up with a story that generates lots of hits. Luckily, Hank calls Timothy to inform him of the workers’ strike, and Timothy shows up at Cybermart to cover it for his story.

Sadly, his coverage of the strike isn’t grabbing anyone’s attention. That is, until he takes Xavier’s suggestion and gets personally involved with the strike instead of just reporting it from the sidelines. Timothy’s story ends up getting plenty of hits, and he gets an offer to sign with the magazine.

What did you think of the eighth episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Are you disappointed that Hank and Deirdre broke up? Do you think Deirdre overreacted to Hank siding with the workers? Is Kareema rushing into things by marrying Sofia to keep her in the United States? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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