Bill Compton’s world is a mess. Stranded in Mississippi, he’s spent the first three episodes of True Blood‘s third season completely apart from the rest of the cast, and in this episode he turns to the dark side in a sexual encounter that rivals his blood-soaked session atop human corpses with Lorena in flashbacks from last season.

Lorena, Bill’s maker, is fine after he set her on fire, and it only seems to make her more determined to win him back. King Russell provides a series of terrible options for Bill regarding his future.

1. He can take the job as a Mississippi sheriff and pledge his allegiance to Russell.
2. He can turn Sookie and have a never-ending love like Russell has with Talbot.
3. Russell can have Sookie killed.

Two and three aren’t options for Bill, so he agrees to serve Russell, though Lorena sees this is a last-ditch effort to protect Sookie. Their backstory is filled in with a flashback to 1868 when Bill returned home to find his little boy dead and his wife Caroline terrified of him as a vampire. He couldn’t be with her then, and Lorena doesn’t want him to be with Sookie now.

Though Bill seems to have won by saving Sookie’s life, Lorena is the real winner because she gets Bill to betray his love and have some very rough sex with her. How rough? Bill is so disgusted by the sight of Lorena that, instead of turning her on her back, he simply turns her head all the way around during intercourse, which is apparently something vampires can survive.

So now we can add Bill having sex with Lorena while her head is on backwards to the long list of disgusting sex acts True Blood has given us. It’s more disturbing than Jason doing it in garbage, but not quite as stomach-churning as Bill and Sookie’s dirt sex or the flashback between Lorena and Bill where they killed a few people then had sex on the bed while the bloody corpses were right next to them.

Alcide, The Bodyguard

This episode also introduced Alcide (pronounced Al Seed), the werewolf bodyguard Eric sends with Sookie on her Mississippi quest for Bill. Alcide is a grade-A prime hunk with his own baggage because his ex-girlfriend Debbie is engaged to Cooter, leader of Russell’s werewolf pack that kidnapped Bill.

We also learn that were bars are just like biker bars. Its fine, but I still think vamp bars are cooler and scarier. And Fangtasia is an infinitely more awesome bar name than Lupines.

In Other True Blood News

– Tara becomes a Fangbanger, enjoying Franklin Mott’s rather alluring company.

– Franklin continues his greatness streak by revealing to Jessica that he’s the one who took her dead body, cut off the head and hands and tossed it in a ditch where it was discovered by Hoyt. Franklin is just the kind combination of creepy and sexy to make him a great addition, though we still have no idea why he’s so interested in Sookie.

– Sam gets a rude visit from the Mickens clan at his bar where he sees an ugly, drunker side to his dad.

– Arlene finally tells Terry that she’s pregnant, though she chooses to omit the part about him not being the daddy (meaning vampire killer Rene is probably the father).

– Sheriff Bud Dearborn quits and Jason quits his dream of becoming a cop after having the dream for less than one episode. Maybe next week he can try to become an astronaut.

The Dumbest Jason Quote of the Episode

“There are two kinds of people in this world: people who got no dreams, people who got dreams and don’t do nothing about it, and people who go out and fulfill their dreams. I don’t know about you, but I’m the third kind.”

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