With Halloween 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to find a costume that’s most relevant to what’s going on right now. If you’re looking for a TV show-themed costume, BuddyTV is here to help you. 

Each year, we see plenty of Khaleesi’s from Game of Thrones or Rick from The Walking Dead. While some of these costumes may be played out, their shows are just as hot as ever. Let us help you take some of those old costume and give them a new twist for what’s going on in their respective shows.

Blind Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

Halloween 2016-Arya.jpg If you want to go Game of Thrones this year, you can’t do much better than the youngest daughter of the Stark clan. This girl had a seriously “killer” year in season 6. Her most recognizable look from the season would have to be the blind homeless version of Arya we saw towards the beginning of the season. Though it didn’t last too long, it’s definitely a look GoT fans will recognize. 

How do you do it? Simple. Find a large burlap potato sack and cut a hole in the bottom. Put that over your body. If you want, find a scarf that matches to go around your neck. Next, make your hair stray in different directions. You’ll want to carry around a pole like the one she would use when The Waif came to fight her. Lastly, get some white color contacts so it looks like you have no pupils. This is the most important part.

New Lucifer, Supernatural

Halloween 2016-Lucifer.jpg With the tragic departure of Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer comes an exciting new Lucifer to the Supernatural world for season 12. With him, comes an all new look. The rocker has a pretty signature look, with long black hair, thick eyeliner and a black leather jacket. An easy look to pull off, and a little more stand-out than the old Lucifer’s jeans and a t-shirt.

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Wally West/Kid Flash, The Flash

Halloween 2016-Kid Flash.jpg The Flash is old news. This year, go for his counterpart, Wally West, aka Kid Flash. In a brighter, more … flashy … costume, this look is much newer and definitely more original. You’re likely to run into someone dressed as The Flash on Halloween, but less likely to see someone as Kid Flash. For a great how-to on putting this costume together, check out this tutorial below:

Negan, The Walking Dead

Halloween 2016-Negan.jpg Negan’s arrival on TWD was one of the most horrifying moments of last season. With so much hype and speculation being built around who he viciously beat with his bat in that POV shot, why not keep the conversation going by dressing up as him? If you’re thinking about a Walking Dead costume this year, this is the one to do. 

Just slick your hair back and put on a fake mustache. For wardrobe, you’ll need a zipped-up black leather jacket, a red scarf and one black leather glove. Now, the prop is the most vital piece to this costume. Negan’s known for his wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. If you (understandably) don’t want to mess with barbwire, try an easy and safe alternative like twisted-together pipe cleaners or shoelaces. To make it even more unique, you could even add some fake blood to the bat, given what we saw in the season 6 finale.

Dead Archer Dunhill, Pretty Little Liars

Halloween 2016-Archer.jpg We’ve seen the Red Coat costumes before, and they’re classic PLL. It doesn’t get more recognizable than that. But given the horrific scene we got to see in season 7a, why not go for something a little more shocking like Archer Dunhill right when he died? If you remember, he was hit by Hanna’s car and his face when smashing through the windshield. 

To pull off a costume like this, you need someone with serious blood and gore makeup skills for your face, as well as a fake cracked windshield you can wrap around your head. To make this, you could create a windshield frame out of pipe cleaners or something equally light (but sturdy). For the glass, just wrap the frame with layers of crushed saran wrap, which can create the appearance of shattered glass. Attach this to a headband so that when it’s on your head, it looks like your face came through the windshield. This is a tricky look to pull off, but if you can, it’s definitely one that will get your Halloween party guests talking.

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