Despite the hype courtesy of returning season 1 producer Bryan Fuller, the latest episode of Heroes still failed to deliver – at least ratings-wise – as the NBC sci-fi series sinks to a new series low at 6.48 million viewers.  It’s a shame, however, as “Cold Snap” received generally positive feedback from critics, some commenting that it showcased the show’s best writing since its sterling first season.

On that episode, the identity of Rebel was finally revealed (and most loved who it turned out to be), but more importantly, viewers noticed that the Heroes seemed more willing to use their powers, coupled with great acting, made the episode really stand out.

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Despite the return of Heroes to its so-called first season glory, the slump in ratings in general have made some people consider whether Heroes would have been more successful if it was released as a limited series.  Some television executives are, in fact, singling out “high-concept” sci-fi series, such as the NBC show, as perhaps better off if it ran for one or two seasons tops.  Because of what’s happening to Heroes, the peacock network is seriously thinking of a limited-run series for post-apocalyptic drama Day One.  After all, the show comes from Heroes‘ Jesse Alexander slated for a fall premiere.

Another upcoming adventure series Harper’s Island from CBS, for one, will wrap up in 13 episodes, as its premise is essentially that of whodunnit variety.  If it gets picked up for more seasons, CBS vows to change characters and titles.

“It’s a fictionalized Survivor,” explains CBS Paramount Network TV head David Stapf.  “If Survivor can work cycle in and cycle out with the same premise but different people, why can’t a fictionalized show?”

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