Ladies and gentlemen–or, mostly ladies, but I digress–New Moon‘s script has been leaked.  Supposedly.

A script for the Twilight sequel, supposedly penned by Melissa Rosenberg, was leaked apparently through a Twitter site.  The script claims to be the second draft of the screenplay, penned on December 2008.  Thing is, two reports about the script mention two different first scenes, which just makes things complicated.

One report from CinemaBlend says the first scene involves a dream sequence with a wrinkly Bella and a still sparkling Edward.  Twilight Examiner mentioned, however, that the birthday scene opens the film.  Sadly, I haven’t seen the script, and I don’t think I’d ever lay my hand on it, precisely because…

…CinemaBlend reports that the Twitter site distributing the supposed leak has been locked.  Nope, nobody banned or suspended something–just that the owner of the Twitter page decided to hide all updates except to the people that he/she follows.  Question is, is the leak real?  The blog speculates it is, judging from how Summit Entertainment reacted.  Some fans think it isn’t though, since it’s too close to the book, and you know what they did to Twilight, right?

Then again, a leak like this shouldn’t really rattle the establishment that much–if there’s something I learned during my student years, it’s that reading a script and trying to imagine it unfold in your head isn’t exactly as exciting as watching the entire thing, when everybody, cast and crew, have thrown in their inputs.  The script’s just one thing; there’s still the cinematography and the special effects and the acting itself.  And besides, we all know what’s happened in New Moon, right?

I should stop panicking.  Or rambling, for that matter.  But have you seen the script?  How was it?  And what do you think?

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-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: CinemaBlend, Twilight Examiner
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Henrik Batallones

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