NBC top guns might be crunching some mean and complicated numbers, as the network recently put off the announcement of either cancellation or renewal of quirky sophomore comedy Chuck for another week or so.  The series starring Zachary Levi is riding on a massive Internet campaign to salvage it from being cut short, culminating in a footlong-buying activity during its season 2 finale Friday participated in by Levi himself.

“I thought we were going to hear about it this Monday because NBC’s announcing a bunch of its schedule, but I just got an email from [executive producer] Josh Schwartz, and he said stay positive, [but] we’re not going to find out on Monday.  It could be another week or two.  They’re making their final tallies and decisions.”

NBC recently renewed rookie comedy Parks and Recreation starring Amy Poehler and cop-themed series Southland, alongside another comedy My Name is Earl and paranormal police drama Medium.  Previously, the peacock network has renewed The Office, 30 Rock, Celebrity Apprentice, and The Biggest Loser for its 2009-10 lineup.

Moreover, Levi says he does not envy the job of anyone at NBC, who he says must be doing a lot of phone calls trying to figure out and determine just how popular or unpopular Chuck is.

“It’s so difficult between live and DVR and videotapes and Internet streaming and downloading and all that.  And really, the concept of television has always been ‘advertising money makes the shows,’ and when people stop watching advertising because they’re just going blip-blip, blip-blip [through the commercials] or watching online, you can’t blame the companies for not wanting to put their money into it.  Because it’s like, what’s the point?  Nobody’s watching the commercials.”

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood blog, however, begged to differ and reported that the network will renew Chuck, in addition to Medium and long-running series Law and Oder.

– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, Deadline Hollywood
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