Is Fornell going to survive? That’s the question for NCIS‘ “Dead Letter,” which will also introduce Sarah Clarke as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe and Duane Henry as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves.

In this episode, the NCIS team works with FBI and MI6 as the international manhunt continues for escaped British spy Jacob Scott, who has left one colleague fighting for his life in the ICU.

'NCIS' Sneak Peek: The Doctor Warns Gibbs to 'Prepare Himself' as She Treats Fornell

“You need to prepare yourself,” the doctor warns Gibbs as Fornell is brought into the hospital following the shooting that left him in critical condition, former MI6 Chief Terdei dead and Gibbs’ house a crime scene. And the danger isn’t over yet. “Everyone is a potential target,” as Vance says. And why is someone looking for Ziva?

“He lost a lot of blood,” the doctor informs Gibbs before leaving him to go work on Fornell. When McGee and Bishop join him, they tell him Terdei’s body has been secured and there’s a BOLO out for Scott. Tony, just back from Russia, says that agents are bringing in Emily, but she doesn’t know anything yet.

And they have no idea how Scott got back into the US. So what’s their next move? According to Gibbs, “We’re gonna find Jacob Scott and we’re gonna kill him.”

It just so happens that as the agents show up to check out a former motel, now Wellness Retreat & Day Spa, the owner has been waiting for the police because someone broke in. That someone is, of course, Jacob Scott, and thanks to the security camera, they know he removed something from the wall. Fake ID? Money? It could be anything. He also knew they’d see the footage, as he warns them, “Stop following me. Or more people will get hurt.”

NCIS season 13 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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