What happened to Barry? He was left to figure it out, while his friends searched for a way to get him back on The Flash Season 2 Episode 21, “The Runaway Dinosaur.” Barry’s journey took him through his past to find forgiveness for letting his mother die and acceptance of who he’s become.

There were many heartfelt moments in “The Runaway Dinosaur,” but there were some funny ones too due to Zombie Girder. Check out the best quotes from the hour.

“I saw him. I saw Barry. He’s alive.”
– Cisco

“Sit, Barry. Sit.”
– Speed Force (as Joe)

“I’m talking to the speed force. Isn’t that like saying I’m having a conversation with gravity or light or…?”
– Barry

Barry: “So you’re saying I’m– I’m talking to the source of my power, which just so happens to look like… my adopted dad? That’s trippy.”
Speed Force (as Joe): “We pretty much invented trippy here.”

The Flash_221_1.jpgCisco: “They’d be downstairs in the storage room in the morgue.”
Iris: ‘Eww, you guys have a morgue?”
Cisco: “Well, it’s not like a morgue morgue. It’s not– it’s like a poor man’s morgue, really. Morgue-ish.”

Cisco: “Okay, so it’s a morgue morgue. But, you know, we had to keep the dead meta-humans somewhere.”
Iris: “Yeah, looks like you did a lot more than just store them.”
Cisco: “Fake Wells might’ve done a few dissections for study purposes.”
Iris: “And this didn’t tip any of you off that he might be secretly evil?”
Cisco: “It was a crazy time, okay? We had a lot going on.”

“A zombie? For real?”
– Cisco

The Flash_221_2.jpg“Didn’t see that one coming. Zombie Girder. This–“
– Cisco

“Sit, Barry. Sit. You’re always on your feet.”
– Speed Force (as Iris)

Barry: “If you would rather have given these powers to somebody else, why did you give them to me?”
Speed Force (as Iris): Because you’re The Flash, Barry.”

Joe: “‘Reanimated,’ like brought back to life?”
Cisco: “Life-ish. You ever seen The Walking Dead? It’s The Walking Dead but without higher brain function and major rage issues. Still unsure if our brains are on the menu, though.”

Screenshot_12.jpg“I think you’re a little late for the puberty talk, Dad. I’ve seen the internet.”
– Wally

“Wally, go upstairs. Please, go upstairs now.”
– Joe

Iris: “Dad, do you really think he’s a meta-human?”
Joe: “Well, he got zapped by the particle accelerator, and he was unconscious. It was worth a shot.”
Iris: “I gave you that mug.”

“How can someone ever be at peace with letting his mother die… Deciding that his life was more valuable than hers?”
– Barry

Screenshot_13.jpgBarry: “You’re not my mother. Why are you doing this to me?”
Speed Force (as Nora): “We’re not doing anything to you, sweetheart. You’re just so tired. Sit, Barry. Sit.”

Iris: “Barry, come home to me.”
Speed Force (as Nora): “Run, Barry. Run.”

“The truth is, Iris, I don’t know what this is or where we go from here. All I know is you’re everything to me, and you always have been. And the sound of your voice will always bring me home.”
– Barry

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

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