It’s been two months since Gibbs and McGee were left fighting rebels in Paraguay, and the NCIS season 15 premiere sees the rest of the team still unable to locate them. Plus, Vance and Torres face a congressional hearing regarding the fallout from that mission.

But life has to continue in “House Divided,” and the team will still be working cases, as seen in one of the sneak peeks released.

NCIS Season 15: Gibbs and McGee Won’t Be the Same After Paraguay>>>

Watch the promo for the season premiere:

Check out a sneak peek of a crime scene:

When Torres joins the rest of the team at a crime scene from the hearing, we find out how they’re explaining Quinn’s absence: she’s on leave, taking care of her mother. We also find out that though “pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time,” as Ducky puts it, Delilah’s not doing well.

While everyone’s still worried about their missing teammates, they do have a job to do. And that’s going to include not only figuring out who their victim is, but also why his hair is falling out.

See how Gibbs and McGee are doing:

While Gibbs tries to make a weapon out of a can, McGee dreams of a real meal, a shower and a smartphone. If he just had a smartphone for five minutes, he’d check the weather and take a few selfies (and presumably call for help?). Gibbs needs a knife, especially after he sees there are new faces outside their cell. Then a man comes in, with a bat, with “good news” for them: “Christmas has come early for you two. Time to meet Santa.” Uh-oh.

NCIS season 15 premieres Tuesday, September 26 at 8/7c on CBS. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

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