Ever since Troy was banished from the ranch on Fear the Walking Dead, we all knew he’d somehow make his way back and that he’d be crazier than ever. In this episode, titled “Brother’s Keeper,” Troy manages to find his way back, and he’s brought along hundreds of new friends in the form of walkers. Meanwhile, Jake and Alicia argue over whether they should stay at the ranch or venture off on their own.

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After wandering in the desert for a bit, Troy stumbles upon the old Indian reservation. He finds some food, shelter and guns for a bit. And then he gets even crazier, as he fires off a shot into the air and smiles.

He then manages to find his way back to the ranch and pays a visit to Nick. He warns Nick that there’s a reckoning at hand and he’s there to save Nick. He then says that the whole ranch will be obliterated and tells Nick to let Jake know.

To Stay or Go

While Nick is dealing with Troy, Jake wonders what he’s still doing at the ranch. He tells Alicia that nothing is the same, and he suggests trying to find another place for the two of them. Alicia, on the other hand, wants to stay and fight for the ranch. He questions her reasoning, and she’s afraid to tell him her feelings.

The conversation on whether to stay or go is interrupted the next day when Nick finds Jake, and the pair heads out to find Troy. Jake is basically on a mission to kill Troy. However, their mission gets sidetracked when Nick spots a huge horde of walkers. Then they spot Troy firing off shots to lead the walkers straight to the ranch.

Nick tries to talk some sense into Troy, but he’s completely out of his mind. Jake pulls his gun on Troy, and Troy practically begs him to kill him. Troy then fires off another shot, prompting a struggle. Eventually, another shot is fired and Jake rolls toward the walkers. He gets bit, so Nick chops off his arm in an effort to save him.

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Loss of Life and the Ranch

They try to rush back to the ranch, but Jake dies along the way, as the road to the ranch is just overrun with walkers. Nick parks on a hilltop and watches as the walkers invade the ranch. Once Jake turns, Nick tells Troy to kill him, which he eventually does. When Troy tells Nick he’s tired, Nick tells him that’s too bad, as they now have to figure out a way to save the ranch.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, when they hear the gunshots in the distance, Alicia tells Crazy Dog everything that’s happened. Alicia, Crazy Dog and Ofelia all agree that it’s too late to evacuate the ranch, so they will have to stay and fight. Reluctantly, Crazy Dog lets everyone have weapons from the armory.

The ranchers park all of the campers by the gates in an effort to deflect the walkers, but there are just too many of them. They break the gates, crawl under the campers and eventually just overrun the ranch. Some of the ranchers try and fight the walkers, with many losing their lives.

Finally, Ofelia, Alicia and Crazy Dog make a retreat to the pantry, where they lock themselves underground with some of the other ranchers. They are trapped, and they don’t have a plan.

Can They Be Saved?

Even if Nick and Troy, or Madison and Taqa, make it back to the ranch, how much of the ranch will be inhabitable after the hundreds of walkers came in? And how will Nick and Troy save the ranch? Could they manage to lead the walkers away? Will there be anything left to salvage?

Though this is a bad situation to be in, it could be a good opportunity for Alicia to step into a leadership role. She and Ofelia could work together to figure out a way to help their people or at least give them hope.

It certainly seems like no one will make it at this point, but perhaps Nick will team up with his mother and Taqa and figure out a way to at least save everyone.

Do you think everyone at the ranch is doomed? Do you think Alicia has what it takes to be a leader? Do you think she’ll kill Troy herself when she finds out Jake is dead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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