NCIS season 10 continues on Tuesday, December 18, with its nearly annual tradition: The Christmas Episode. This one is called “You Better Watch Out” and it looks like it could be one of the best yet, as it features Daddy DiNozzo coming to pay his son a visit during the holidays. 

'NCIS' Episode 10.10 Preview: Will Tony's Dad Bring His Son Angst for Christmas?

In the preview video, we see that Tony seems a bit shocked to see that his dad has come to visit for the holidays. It’s not like we can blame the poor guy. His dad was basically absent from his childhood and has managed to cause Tony a lot of trouble in his adulthood. If I had Tony’s history with his father, I’d be nervous if my dad showed up for Christmas, too.

Here’s what else we know from watching the preview: 

  • Dear old dad has decided to stay at Tony’s place. 
  • We’re FINALLY going to get to see Tony’s home!!! Yay!! *commences with happy dance of joy*
  • Tony’s home isn’t quite what Daddy DiNozzo expects. Who else thinks that DiNozzo Sr. thought his son’s place would be a dump?

In the sneak peek video for the episode, we see the moment that Daddy DiNozzo arrived for his visit to D.C.  Looks like the visit may have been planned though as Tony does mention that he thought his pop was going straight to the hotel from the airport. But DiNozzo Sr. has decided to change his plans and stay with his son instead. 

Here’s what else we know from watching the sneak peek:

  • Everyone else appears to be way more excited to see Tony’s dad than Tony is. 
  • Gibbs has apparently started calling DiNozzo Sr. “A.D.” If he’s done that before, I must’ve missed it but I LOVE it. 
  • Ziva has never been invited to Tony’s place. Okay, I’m not a Tiva supporter, but even I found that a bit shocking. Wouldn’t they have at least watched movies and had pizza at his place once or twice? Very intriguing. 

What did you think after watching both of the preview videos for the NCIS Christmas episode? Are you, like me, looking forward to some juicy angst between Tony and his father? Why do you think Tony has never invited Ziva to his place before and is she the only one on the team who’s never seen it?

NCIS airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS. 

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