Turmoil in an African country forces President Kirkman to rely on an unlikely ally for help, as Hannah’s investigation into the Capitol bombing takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Emily settles into her new role as chief of staff while Aaron has to make a difficult choice on the latest episode of Designated Survivor titled “Commander-in-Chief.”

Former President Cornelius Moss comes to President Tom Kirkman to meet with him regarding the current issues plaguing the new administration. A huge admirer of Moss, the president is thrilled when they begin to talk; hoping the former president would be able to advise him as to how to manage the hotbed of serious situations his administration has found itself in throughout Kirkman’s first few months in office.

Charles Langdon is Alive!

Aaron makes contact with Charles Langdon as the two are being watched by the FBI. They head into a church where Langdon speaks to Aaron and asks him to do something for him before escaping out a side door. FBI Agent Hannah Wells brings Aaron in for questioning and finds out that Langdon is willing to trade information for immunity.

Aaron is given 24 hours to respond or Langdon walks. Emily comes up with a short list of Vice-Presidential nominees, but no one wants to be part of this uncertain and marked administration.


The president finds out through the Bureau of African Affairs that there is a terror campaign going on. The president wants to do something to alleviate the pain and suffering of those people in the area under attack. With Russia likely to veto anything to do to help these people, the United States must take brave steps to help the country’s people as the event has the markings of genocide all over it. The president wants to help the country and heads in with force to protect the innocent people living there. American hostages who are citizens, who were not registered in the country, were taken under siege. Kirkman has to decide between a bad choice regarding the situation, or no choice at all.

Aaron makes contact with Langdon at the appointed time 24 hours later, and directs him to meet with Hannah, who brings him in to FBI headquarters for questioning. Langdon says that when he found out what was going on for the plan to destroy the American government, he didn’t want to be a part of it. He produced a photo of a woman he was once in a relationship with who seemingly has the plan of destruction, and it matches the photo that Hannah has of the same woman who made contact with her former boss, Jason Atwood and convinced him to admit to killing Majid Nassar.

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President Moss Meets with President Kirkman. Moss is disapproving of Kirkman’s administration and has no problem expressing his displeasure to the Commander-in-Chief. Moss tells Kirkman that he was handed the most powerful job in the world during an unprecedented crisis and is failing. He tells Kirkman he is reacting rather than leading the country.

Being Named Designated Survivor Was No Accident

The president meets with Charles Langdon in jail and accuses him and Peter MacLeish of conspiring to survive the bombing which killed all their constituents. Kirkman learns that this woman whom Langdon was having a relationship with, phoned him just before the bombing and asked him to make Kirkman the designated survivor, which would put him in the position of president of the United States as the sole survivor of the soon-to-be destroyed cabinet.

Langdon says if he refused to make the call he was assured he would be a dead man. Langdon wanted to tell someone what he knew and headed straight to the head of the FBI but his car was tampered with and he almost died while driving towards FBI headquarters. Terrified, he ran and has been running ever since. Langdon surmises that the reason Kirkman was chosen to be president was because he was least likely to be an obstacle in the greater plan to destroy the government.

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Aaron Shore Quits His Job as Chief-Of-Staff 

The president meets with Aaron who apologizes for everything he has put him through. Aaron tells him that he is not coming back to his job as the chief-of-staff. The president will not accept his resignation even as his statement is being distributed to the White House press corp by Seth.

The United States hostages in Africa were freed and have been safely placed on a helicopter to leave the embattled country. After seeing how well they work as a team, President Kirkman asks former President Moss to be Secretary of State.


Emily sees Aaron turning in his official items at the White House and asks him what his future plans are. She tells him she will try to do the job as well as he did and he tells her to do better.

The president tells Hannah that she solely works for him now, not the FBI, and that she will be given a secure location to work and that no one will know she works only for the president. He also tells her to use whatever means necessary within the United States justice system to bring justice to America.

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