NBC is already making the moves for its fall season, and those moves include picking up one new drama and three new comedies for the 2012-2013 TV season. Today the network has picked up Revolution, a drama from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and Lost creator J.J. Abrams as well as quintet of comedies that include one from Ryan Murphy.

Revolution centers on a world where all forms of power have mysteriously disappeared as the survivors struggle to reconnect with their loves ones. It stars Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad‘s Gus), Billy Burke (Bella’s dad in the Twilight films) and David Lyons (star of The Cape). It seems like Lyons is officially the new Alex O’Loughlin, meaning the networks will continue to cast him as the lead in TV shows until one becomes a hit.

On the comedy aside, NBC previously picked up the Matthew Perry comedy Go On. Joining that show is the Anne Heche single-camera comedy Save Me about a woman who has a spiritual awakening and may be channeling God.

The network also ordered the White House family comedy 1600 Penn, starring Biill Pullman, Jenna Elfman and Josh God. And there’s the veterinarian comedy Animal Practice starring Weeds‘ Justin Kirk.

Finally, NBC picked up The New Normal, written by Glee‘s Ryan Murphy, about a gay couple and their surrogate. This means come fall Murphy will have three shows on TV with Glee and American Horror Story rounding out his unlikely trio.

Five new comedies means NBC is definitely going to be expanding its comedy line-up despite the relative failure of new shows like Free Agents, Whitney, Are You There Chelsea?, Bent and BFF.

UPDATE: NBC has also picked up the multi-camera sitcom Guys with Kids about a trio of male best friends with kids. The show is produced by Jimmy Fallon and stars Anthony Anderson.

NBC will host its upfront presentation next week when the network will officially announce its fall lineup with all renewals and cancellations.

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