Moses Stone made history as the first MC on The Voice. Now he talked with me about what he’s been doing since he left Team Christina, and what he believes The Voice has to do in order to survive.

At first, people weren’t sure what to make of him. Some still never grasped what he was trying to do. But like it or not, Moses was the first rapper on The Voice, and he definitely made a lasting impression, getting to the live shows before having to say goodbye.

“I’m very happy with what I did,” he told me of his time in the competition. “I know I definitely made a statement. I changed the show’s format, and really pushed the envelope and paved a lane for artists like myself on The Voice. I showed that you can exhibit a multitude of talents on these shows and make it.

“The support has been overwhelming. Sometimes I go out to certain places and people recognize me. it’s feels great to know that my talents and personality are connecting, inspiring and impacting others from around the world.  It’s a beautiful feeling and very gratifying.”

And even though he’s no longer a part of the show, “I still tune in when I have a chance, just to support my team. [To] make sure everyone’s doing great and see how Christina [Aguilera]’s doing. They gave me an opportunity to come there and do what I do. Just because I’m off [the show] doesn’t mean anything,” he said, although he admitted that “it would have been great to perform with [guest artist and The Voice UK coach] Jessie J.”

Of the pending finale, he said, “I think everyone’s going to come out very strong. Everyone has been improving. I’m impressed with Juliet Simms, and I’m really proud of my team with Chris Mann. Me and Chris used to talk about [how] we were sort of the odd ones out. We were bringing something new to the show. It’s great to see that he’s still moving forward.”

Yet since leaving the show, the versatile Moses has been incredibly busy himself, with a new website venture, his clothing line and of course, his music.

“I just released my first single “My Moment” worldwide and it’s now available on ITunes. I’m back in the studio working on a new project,” he explained. “I’m getting ready to do a music festival [the Sunset Strip Music Festival] that [season one finalist] Vicci Martinez is performing at as well. That’s August 18th. I have a couple other shows and charity events planned in the next couple of months.

“A lot of people from the show have reached out to me. Jamie Lono wants to work on some stuff. Whitney [Myer] wants to work on some stuff. Anthony [Evans] and I were trying to work on some stuff. Me and Cheesa may have a record coming out soon. But whoever I end up working with from the show, I want to make sure it fits, and makes sense, and really can be great and make a big impact in music.”

Outside of music, “I started a social network website called Innovative Pilot, where if you’re into arts, music, film, fashion, business you can sign up and build a page and upload your work, and from there you can network with people. If you have a film you need music for, you can contact a person who has music up. A lot of fans have been supporting that.

And then with my clothing brand, called Imagination, I’m rebuilding the brand up now [that] I have more time. I love to venture into other things that I’m passionate about, and as an artist I pride myself on not only thinking as just an artist, but as a young businessman. I’m a very creative person so I love to express my creativity in multiple ways. I like to stay busy. Right now it’s time to really make an impact and I want to do that with my brand(s).”

Moses also had plenty to say about The Voice itself, and something he feels the show needs to do in order for it to keep working. “With a show like this, it’s going to really come down to whoever wins, or just the people that are a part of the show, selling records,” he explained. “I feel like that helps the show. In order for the show to really be respected as finding the next big star, it’s going to have to translate in the real world.

“One thing the show hasn’t been able to do yet is have an artist be very successful after like [American Idol stars] Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry…This year they really have to make sure they have [someone], whether it’s the person who wins the show or me, out there selling some records and making an impact on the music industry, [or] the show loses credibility.”

Another constructive criticism he had of the show is that “I feel like with The Voice, since we have great coaches, the [media] attention sometimes focuses on the coaches…[and] takes the focus off us as the artists.”

With plenty of suggestions for the show itself, what’s his advice to the final four? “Just keep being yourselves and take advantage of the opportunities that they have,” he said. “Whoever comes off the show winning, they have to definitely excel with this. It’s really going to count for the show as well.”

As for Moses himself, he’s busy making every day count. You can keep up with what Moses is doing next by following him on Twitter at @iammosesstone and visiting his website,

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Image courtesy of NBC

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