Last time on Nashville, Juliette continued to break down personally, while her professional life was soaring, Will struggled to appear in public since his revelation about being gay, and Beverly started to come out of her coma.

In “‘Til the Pain Outwears the Shame,” Juliette continues her downward spiral, while Rayna struggles to make Highway 65 a successful, and legitimate, music label. Since Juliette rejected Rayna’s help, I think it is safe to say that Rayna might not be quick to offer Juliette another helping hand. Of course, this is Nashville, so who knows what will happen next.

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Juliette Breaks Down…Again

Rayna begs Deacon to stay at home instead of spending the night at the hospital again, sitting vigil by Beverly’s side. Deacon has major guilt that he put his sister in this predicament by asking her to be his liver donor. Rayna misses Deacon like crazy, but she understands.

Meanwhile, Juliette is appearing on Live with Kelly and Michael to promote her movie. Jeff Fordham is in New York keeping a close eye on Juliette. He advises Layla to cancel her meeting with Rayna and Bucky as Jeff wants to get her off the Highway 65 label. Layla doesn’t agree. On the air, Juliette starts crying when a picture of her, Cadence and Avery is shown. On her private plane, Jeff tells her that she has to be seen “out and about” with her family in Nashville.

Avery watches the interview at home with his new roomie, Will. Luke has hired Gabriella Manning to do market research about having an openly gay artist on his label. Luke is reluctant to drop Will no matter what the research says. I wonder if Luke will stick to his guns.

Rayna Takes Care of Business

Rayna is having a tough day with her struggling label. A new act that was slated to join Highway 65 pulls out because it looks like Rayna hasn’t been able to hold on to any of her major performers. Ouch. Bucky gives Rayna a pep talk, but she is convinced that the only way to keep Highway 65 relevant is to sign a big name artist. 

Gunnar and Scarlett are at what looks like the most awkward photo shoot ever as they rehash why they are barely bandmates, and not friends. Scarlett gets a call that they are taking out her mother’s breathing tube, so she bales to go to the hospital. 

Drama with The Exes

They remove Beverly’s breathing tube, and she shares a warm moment with Scarlett, Deacon, and Rayna. I have a feeling that Beverly’s warm feelings might not last too long. Beverly does tell her daughter that she likes Scarlett’s boyfriend Caleb, better than Gunnar. When Scarlett gets a message that her manager wants to meet with her, Caleb offers to drive her so they can get dinner afterwards. Scarlett hesitates but accepts her boyfriend’s offer. 

Gunnar is upset that the album cover art is photo shopped to show Gunnar and his ex in a romantic pose. While he is worried that Scarlett will be upset, she is okay with the photo. Caleb isn’t okay with the fact that The Exes are scheduled for 50 shows on their tour. Later on, Beverly makes amends with Scarlett and apologizes for not being a better mother to her. This is starting to seem like Beverly may not be out of the medical woods just yet. 

Luke Makes an Offer

Luke meets with Will and tells him that he hasn’t made a decision yet about Will’s future with Wheelin’ Dealin’ records. He does want Will to attend Juliette’s launch party, since it will be mostly industry types and the press will be kept at bay. 

Juliette and Avery Reunite

Jeff shows up on Avery’s door step, and Avery starts shoving Jeff off the porch. (I give him props for not punching Jeff in the face.) Jeff explains that Juliette wants to see Avery and her baby, but she is afraid that Avery hates her. 

Avery brings the baby to see his wife and finds a raging party going on. Obviously, Juliette isn’t mourning their separation as much as Jeff stated. She throws everyone out and begs Avery for a chance to explain. Juliette confides that she wants to be a good mother and wife but she doesn’t know how. Avery hands his wife their child as Juliette lovingly talks to her. Juliette finally tells her husband that she never stopped loving him. Could Avery and Juliette get back on track?

Singing and Signing

Rayna’s daughters kill it at the talent show with an amazing duet. They perform a tribute to their favorite band that has just broken up, and that gives Rayna the idea to sign the singer, Marcus Keen. Of course, he is an alternative rocker, so Bucky has a few qualms. Rayna insists that they track him down somewhere, even if that means missing Layla’s performance at The Bluebird. Daphne goes to the ladies room and overhears girls dissing her and her father for being in jail.

Rayna manages to wrangle a seat on a plane next to Marcus Keen. She makes her pitch during the flight. It will take all of the money that they received from Juliette’s buy-out, and Marcus wants full creative control. Rayna is positive about the move and tells Bucky to make the deal. 

Juliette’s Big Night

Juliette walks the red carpet with Avery and Cadence, while Luke gets flirty with Gabriella. Will meets up with Luke inside, and gets some support from some country music legends. That is until they refuse to be photographed with Will. Gabriella gloats about how she was right about having Will on the label. 

Juliette takes the stage and gives a shout out to her husband and daughter. When Cadence cries during her performance, Juliette becomes distracted and looks angry. After Juliette clumsily tries to change Cadence’s diaper, Avery sends her out to mingle with the masses. When he finishes taking care of Cadence, Juliette is nowhere to be found. 

Avery is not the only one in for a shock. Juliette has left behind her phone at her house, and gets aboard a plane with Jeff and her so-called friends. Layla is waiting at The Bluebird for Jeff to pick her up, and she isn’t happy about not seeing Jeff, or no one from her team showing up to see the show. Jeff, being the kind and sensitive person that he is, tells her “I told you so.” Jeff also has a brand new phone for Juliette that no one has the number to.

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Send in the Crash Cart

Luke finally tells Will that he is dropping him from the label, but would like to record some of Will’s songs on his own next record. Will is crushed. 

Gunnar goes to see Caleb, hoping that he can persuade him that there is nothing romantic going on with him and Scarlett. Caleb replies that if Scarlett doesn’t want to do that many tour dates, maybe it is because her priorities have changed. Caleb then calls music “fun,” but adds “It’s not like you guys are saving lives.” 

Scarlett goes to see her mother, but while Scarlett is talking to her, Beverly suddenly flat lines. Yikes!

I really liked this episode of Nashville. I am a bit perplexed as to why Juliette decided to ditch her husband and baby again, and I am really worried for Beverly. 

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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