While it took nearly two seasons for Agents of SHIELD to finally find its way creatively, the final half of season 2 was a whirlwind of plot twists, random deaths and tearful goodbyes. The season 2 finale set up big changes for the show and those new storylines begin to play out in the season 2 premiere. There are some shocking revelations and the episode introduces even more people competing to capture or kill the Inhumans.

Coulson and what remains of SHIELD are attempting to reach and rescue humans who have begun evolving into the alien/human hybrids who call themselves “Inhumans.” The premiere, titled “Laws of Nature,” begins with an effort by the girl formerly known as Skye (now known as Daisy) and Mack to extract a man who has suddenly realized he has the ability to bend metal. He’s being pursued by a mysterious government containment squad, and while the rescue is ultimately successful, Coulson can’t figure out the identity of the group and who is running it.

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My Right Hand is Missing … And So is My Left

Coulson is at the scene of the Inhuman rescue and takes a photo of the containment group’s mysterious female leader. Despite a new airplane and some really cool tech, Coulson is struggling to keep things under control. May is still missing in action, Coulson is missing his left hand and Fitz is obsessed with rescuing Simmons from the monolith. Daisy isn’t having any better luck with the newly-recruited Inhuman, who struggles to come to grips with his newly-found powers. So, really, it’s just another average episode of Agents of SHIELD.

A New Player Enters the Game

Bobbi is working in the SHIELD lab while she continues to recover from the injuries she suffered saving Hunter’s life. She identifies the mystery female boss and comes up with a plan to confront her. Coulson and Hunter corner her on a subway train and it turns out to be a trap. Or did Coulson trick her into thinking she had him trapped?

Either way, they both discover that another player is interested in the new Inhumans. She thought that Coulson had been killing them because all the Inhumans the government had recovered had been murdered. But if she isn’t responsible and Coulson is innocent, than who is killing the new mutants? This is just a guess, but I suspect it’s Ward and the remnants of HYDRA.

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Even a Geek Can Be a Super Spy Sometimes

Fitz is missing in action, off in the Middle East chasing the latest lead that he hopes will provide answers about the fate of Simmons. He walks into the den of a major terrorist group and manages to get what he wants, albeit only after some trickery and a near-death experience.

Things aren’t working out much better for Lincoln, who has been working as a doctor at a quiet hospital. He wants to leave his powers and everything else behind, but that plan falls apart when Skye/Daisy and Mack show up to ask for his help. Not long after their arrival, some large mutant shows up at the hospital looking like the cross between Hulk Hogan and Sonic the Hedgehog. He can shoot energy both as a weapon and as a way to create openings in pretty much anything. Lincoln, Skye/Daisy and Mack fight him off, but the battle draws the attention of the government containment squads.

Sometimes It’s Better to Be Lucky Than Smart

The battle at the hospital breaks the stalemate on the subway train, allowing Coulson and Hunter to escape. Lincoln runs off alone, leaving Skye/Daisy and Mack to find their own way out the hospital. In the end, the battle prompts a response from the President, who announces that a new organization has been created to track down and contain the Inhumans. He denies the rumors that alien DNA is involved and it’s not clear if he’s lying or just cut out of the loop.

Fitz’s latest scheme falls apart, when the scroll he was counting on to save Simmons contains nothing but the Hebrew word for ‘death.’ Coulson urges him to let go of Simmons and focus on the battles he can win. Fitz agrees but ends up in the room with the monolith, screaming at it to let him in. 

The premiere ends with a tease r for the next episode that includes a scene of Simmons running frantically across a desert landscape. As she looks behind her, we see the sky, which contains several moons. So where is she and will she and Fitz ever be reunited? Is this the home planet of the mysterious aliens?

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC.

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