On tonight’s episode of Nashville, “I Feel Sorry for Me,” Rayna signs on a new artist. Juliette decides to put the baby up for adoption. Deacon finds a new love interest. Zoey grows more jealous.

Rayna has an eye on a new artist for Highway 65, Sadie Stone (Laura Benanti), whose been courted of late by Jeff Fordham. Now that Rayna knows Juliette in knocked up, she knows she’s going to need someone to step into the mother-to-be shoes.

The Couple That Puts the “Fun” in Dysfunctional

It’s official! Juliette has been cast as Patsy Cline, and word has it, she and co-star Noah West have been seen getting cozy. In truth, she’s been spending her time barfing and pining for Avery in equal measure. Of course, he doesn’t know that because he’s drunk all the time. 

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One Night Stand

Deacon does the walk of shame after spending the night with Luke’s back-up singer, Pam. Too bad it turns out that she’s in recovery as well which he learns when they attend a crew A.A. meeting. Deacon does apologize for sneaking out but justifies it by telling Pam that she knows he’s in love with Rayna. Pam assures him she’s just having a good time and advises him to do the same.

An Unlikely Patron

Finally, we get a performance from Maddie and Daphne when they sing at a benefit at their school. Those girls should and could sing in every episode.

All present at the charity event is the always smug and smarmy Jeff Fordham. He makes a huge donation to the school for the purpose of building a music studio. This doesn’t impress Rayna, and he does have an ulterior motive. He’s trying to get closer to Rayna’s ex, Teddy. We all know Teddy’s got no backbone, so he could be an easy mark for whatever Jeff has up his sleeve.

What Baby Bump?

Juliette finally tells Emily and Glenn that she’s pregnant. She’s decided not to keep it and has decided adoption is the best way to go. Juliette shuts down any debate about her decision and reminds her team that they signed confidentiality agreements, so nobody should find out.

Glenn is curious how she’s going to hide being preggers with a movie and a tour coming up, but she says all her obligations will be complete by the time she hits 18 weeks. Then she plans to just drop out of site. Emily points out the obvious, that Juliette will be showing. Our girl has that covered too. Since Patsy was a bit zoftig, Juliette plans to say she packed on some pounds for the role.

Glenn and his hairpiece bring up Avery which only serves to draw Juliette’s ire. She tells Glenn she doesn’t want to see him again until he’s found a reputable and discreet adoption agency.

A Woman Scorned

Deacon catches Pam doing shots. No, she didn’t fall off the wagon. It turns out she’s not really an alcoholic. Pam’s pretty glib when she’s found out saying she’s in A.A. and asks if that counts.

Earlier, she was looking for Deacon and just happened upon the meeting. Deacon’s less than thrilled by her lack of respect. Pam isn’t as laid back about their tryst as she led on. No big surprise there. Her ego’s a bit bruised at his rejection, and her behavior is a bit of payback.

It’s for the Children

Jeff shows up to play golf with Teddy, one of the silent auction items at the school benefit. Teddy isn’t exactly teed up about it. Jeff admits that he knew, given his history with Rayna, that Teddy would never meet with him, so he had to get creative. He assures Teddy it’s strictly about business for him.

Jeff claims to want to help the children which causes Teddy to deduce that Edgehill has some serious image issues that need repair. Teddy agrees to hear him out. Not sure about the ugly details, but whatever Jeff has planned could help Teddy further his political career.

Jeff invites Teddy and his daughters to a Sadie Stone concert the following night, where he’ll be announcing her as the newest Edgehill artist. This is news because Sadie’s been spending the day being wooed and awed by Rayna. Sadie even tags along with Rayna to a wedding dress fitting.

Zoey the Green-Eyed Monster

Zoey continues to be jealous when it comes to Gunnar. She stumbles upon him and Scarlett in the supply room at the Bluebird. He offers up a lame story about helping Scarlett lift something heavy. Later, he tells her he’s going to talk to Avery and makes light of the fact that Juliette cheated on him. It wasn’t a ringing endorsement for infidelity, but one can see where his cavalier attitude could cause her concern.

But, Zoey is leaving on tour soon, so it’s obvious Gunnar is planning something for her. A series of misunderstandings will ultimately lead to a confession that she doesn’t trust him. Gunnar is a heartthrob, of that there is no doubt. Scarlett is pining for him and now his first love is back in town.

On the Down Low

Juliette’s desire for a low-key adoption are dashed by Glenn. The state won’t allow her to give up the baby without the father’s permission. Even if she says she doesn’t know who he is, she has to go through the courts, and the system can try to find the guy.

Juliette says she’ll just go to another state, but Glenn tries to get it through her head that it won’t matter. She’s a big star, and people will recognize her. It’s only a matter of time before her baby bump is front page news.

Glenn finds an adoption agency that will do anything if the price is right. Juliette confronts him about his attitude. She figures he’d be thrilled to keep things status quo. He makes a speech about wanting Juliette to be happy, but she just wants him to get behind her choice.


Predictably, Zoey flips her top at Scarlett. The impromptu road trip, the song, the storeroom and apparently lot of phone call have her convinced the two are hooking up. Sweet, doe-eyed Scarlett is shocked and shaken by the accusation. She swears that she and Gunnar are just friends and that she would never screw Zoey over that way. Maybe Zoey’s paranoid because her own loyalties don’t run that deep.

Zoey questions why Gunnar begged Scarlett to stay in Nashville, a question probably better answered by the man himself. More importantly, Scarlett wants to know why Zoey didn’t try harder to prevent Scarlett from returning to Mississippi. Oh, snap.

Girls Gone Wild

The paparazzi track Rayna down, and Sadie offers to help sneak the singer out. Given Sadie’s car is a bright red and white convertible, and she’s not exactly subtle when they exit, the paps are on their tail immediately. A Thelma and Louise inspired car chase and bonding moment follows.

Despite all their misadventures, Rayna gets a call from Bucky telling her that Sadie is going with Edgehill. But, Rayna isn’t about to go down without a fight. Her last ditch effort to grab the crooner from underneath Jeff’s nose is interrupted by an urgent phone call from Juliette. She thinks she’s having a miscarriage, and Rayna rushes to her aid.

An ultrasound reveals the baby is just fine. Juliette tells Rayna that she doesn’t want to keep the baby because she doesn’t think she’s capable of giving love. She says she tries but always screws it up.

Mea Culpa

Zoey apologizes to Scarlett, and Scarlett questions what happened to their friendship. Zoey takes the blame admitting to being insecure and competitive. Both realize they might be growing apart.

Their heart-to-heart is put on hold by a fight between a drunken Avery and Gunnar. He gives a nasty toast, and Scarlett swoops in to try and save the day. She gets called needy for her trouble. Avery manages to burn all his bridges in the span of a few minutes. 

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Deacon Moves On

Pam pursues a crabby Deacon and finally wins him over when the two sing a duet that perfectly expresses his current situation with Rayna. All of a sudden, Deacon’s all about Pam. The two have a quickie at some roadside gas station, and Deacon’s bus leaves without them. Neither have their cell phones, but they do have the means to buy a motorcycle.

Sure enough, Zoey’s jealous fit proceeds a surprise going away party also planned by Scarlett. Not a shocking plot twist to say the least. Boy, should Zoey’s face be red.

Avery Alienates Everyone

Zoey apologizes to Scarlett, and Scarlett questions what’s gone wrong with their friendship. Zoey says she’s been jealous and competitive, that the big city has changed her for the worse. The heart to heart is interrupted by a fight going on between a drunken Avery and Gunnar. Avery mows down Zoey and Scarlett. He even blames his ex-girlfriend for his current predicament and accuses her of being needy.

Girl Power

Rayna confronts Sadie who says she’s not interested in being one of Rayna’s artists, but a Rayna herself. How very All About Eve. Rayna tells Sadie that Jeff is all about big-hat cowboys, and his interest in her will wane once she’s not new and shiny anymore. Just like it did for Layla. Rayna is all about female solidarity. She asks Sadie to choose her.

Sadie sides with Rayna putting Jeff’s job even more at risk. Avery’s boorish behavior catches up with him, and, he pushes Juliette even further away. Scarlett may never get over her stage fright, and Juliette and Glenn-sans toupee-expose themselves. Rayna may pay dearly for her victory.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC

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